We are excited to announce that we are officially partnered with @LID_Protocol for our token sale. ⚡️

Are you ready?

Join our telegram group to keep yourself updated t.co/Bd5u3t0EKq


$LID is thrilled to announce our three-pronged Staker Incentives coming out very soon! With truly groundbreaking tech and a dedicated community, we felt just one reward wasn’t enough for our Stakers!

$LID is thrilled to announce our next Licensed Certified Presale @DexArbOfficial ! We're going to keep striving to put an end to @UniswapProtocol rug pulls and the work continues now!

Check out their site here! t.co/Gq8ulb1Xzc

We've just reached a MASSIVE milestone, over 1,000 holders have staked their $LID ! With over 20% of total supply staked, this is a huge accomplishment! Stay tuned for some HUGE updates coming this weekend...

More great news!

Large influencers in the crypto space CONTINUE to pick up on LID and what we’re doing! BitBoy did a brief segment on us and had us as his #3 pick (and largest hold!) in the defi space!

The video below is time stamped for his thoughts on LID, but I highly recommend watching the full video folks! Tomorrow is gonna be ELECTRIC and we’ve got more lined up! Make sure to check in with MYX too myx.network/ ! We can't wait


This is a BIG ONE

The Crypto Zombie himself, one of the biggest crypto youtubers had us as a top pick and a game changer!

The video below is time stamped for his thoughts on LID, but I highly recommend watching the full video folks! We’re really starting to get the word out there and BIG people are noticing. Let’s keep it pushing!


$LID team is organizing AMA with the community on Monday 10th August 2020 by 9PM PST.

Let's join the team on Telegram t.me/LIDPROTOCOL and participate in

Keypoints of discussions:
*LID: The journey so far
*LID Development and Updates
*LID First Presale Certified project
*LID DAO Development
*LID Partnerships plan
*LID Marketing Plan & Exchanges
*LID Milestones & roadmap plan

Hey @everyone! Today is the big day :)

I would like to direct everyone to the site for staking as it is now LIVE!!!

stake.lid.sh - make sure to use your referrals from the staking site too!!

We also released a video about it earlier today as well, please feel free to take a look! Lets get $lid back trending again and make sure to follow our new twitter account as well @LIDProtocol1 !!!

Lets get trending again!


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