1st December 1976:

"Organise to defeat British imperialist aggression and plunder"

"Organise to defeat Irish monopoly capitalists north and south"

Red Patriot / An Tírghráthóir Dearg, from the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist Leninist).


🎙New podcast episode:

We talk to Jess Spear of RISE about environmental and socialist campaigning in the US and then Ireland, eco-socialism, forming RISE and merging with PBP, and the development of Rupture magazine.


"Terror in East Timor"

Socialist Party leaflet from 1999, advertising a public meeting on East Timor.



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New documents - leaflets from the Socialist Party.

From 1999, calling for an end to NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.



17th November 1989:

"How Can British Government Claim to Uphold Rule of Law?"

"Groundless Euphoria Over Breaching of Berlin Wall"

Marxist-Leninist Weekly, from the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist).


🎙 New podcast episode!

We talk to Aileen O'Carroll of the Workers Solidarity Movement about campaigns including water charges, abortion referenda, and the Grassroots Network march; the WSM, anarchism and approaches to organising; and working on archiving the Repeal campaign.


🎙 New podcast episode!

We talk to Jack McGinley, Principal of not-for-profit publishing house Umiskin Press, about his political background and trade unionism; the Divorce Action Group and Cuba solidarity; and his work with Umiskin Press.


October 24th 1972:

The first issue of Rosc Catha, newspaper of Clann na hÉireann.

The front page includes messages of support for the new paper from Cathal Goulding and Tomás MacGiolla.


New document:

Bill of Rights (Northern Ireland) Act 1975.

"Presented to the people of N. Ireland by NICRA".


🎙 New podcast episode!

We talk to activist and Carlow local councillor, @AdriennePBPA of @pb4p about how she came to activism, the repeal and water charges campaigns, her experience as a councillor, and maintaining a radical anti-capitalist perspective.


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