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A quick thread on the Socialist Party, a name used at different times by unrelated groups in Ireland from the early 20th Century to the present.


25th August 1969:

Barricades Bulletin, Special Edition.

From the Young Socialists, youth wing of the Derry Labour Party.

Labour News Bulletin, July 1971, on the dissolution of the Fintan Lalor branch and expulsion of Paddy Healy for membership of the Socialist Labour Alliance.

From Labour News Bulletin:

15th August 1970:

"Recent Riots in the North"

"Why would Stormont go?"

Communist Comment, from the Irish Communist Organisation.

15th August 1969:

Statement from the Republican Movement.

"The constitutional position has been called into question by the heroic struggle of the Six-County people against armed sectarian violence."

14th August 1971:

Drithleog - Nuachtlitir, Comhairle Ceantair Átha Cliath, Sinn Féin

[Spark - Newletter, Dublin Area Council, (Official) Sinn Féin]

The SWM left the SLP in 1980, later becoming the Socialist Workers Party.

It now exists as the Socialist Workers Network in People Before Profit.

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"Socialist Workers Movement 1971-1977".

An outline of the history of the Socialist Workers Movement, and their decision to join the Socialist Labour Party (forming the Socialist Workers Tendency).

From Socialist Workers' Review, No. 1, 1978.

9th August, 1974:

Internment, '71-'74. A special supplement to Hibernia magazine on internment in the North.

An interesting list of signatories on the front page opposing internment without trial in principle.

New document: No Pasaran!

The Story of the Irish Volunteers who served with the International Brigades in defending the Spanish Republic against International Fascism 1936-1938.

Republican Clubs, 1975.

8th August 1972:

"The Irish Republican Army ... has decided to respond to the call of the Republican Clubs by refusing to be drawn into an open conflict which could only benefit the enemies of the people."

Nuacht Náisiúnta, [Official] Sinn Féin.

"Sinn Féin Philosophy: Revolutionary or Reformist?"

From the League of Communist Republicans' magazine, Congress '86.

The LCR formed among IRA prisoners who resigned following the ending of Sinn Féin's policy of abstention in 1986.

Spirit of Freedom, August 3rd 1987

"No to any form of devolution, no to any resurrection of Stormont!"

From the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist).

1st August 1982:

"Demonstrate Against British Imperialism!" and "Long Live the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!"

Red Patriot, from the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist).

"Béaloideas le Spailpín"

Irish Socialist, 1973.

The article argues the derogatory use of 'spailpín' arises from colonial English usage, and wage workers should see it as a noble term.

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