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Here's a quick intro to the next run of podcast episodes.

We'll be back with guests every fortnight from next Monday, 4th October!

New document:

"The Irish Case Against Partition", by Desmond Greaves, 1956.

A Connolly Association pamphlet.

New Document:

Share the Wealth: National March on the Dáil.

From the Share the Wealth campaign, 1999.

'Share the Wealth' was set up in 1998 and included the Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed, Community Workers Co-operative, European Anti-Poverty Network, Forum of People with Disabilities, Irish Rural Link, Irish Traveller Movement, & One-Parent Exchange and Network.

From Nov.1977, the constitution of the Socialist Labour Party.

The SLP was led by Matt Merrigan and Noël Browne, formerly of Labour.

The Socialist Workers Movement, Irish Workers Group, and Movement for a Socialist Republic all joined as tendencies.

The SLP continued until 1982, when it was dissolved.

For a great overview of the party, they are covered in this episode of "The Others" podcast (from

Published 6th September 1974:

"Cork Dockers Consider Militant Action Against Beef Fleet"

"British Spies Still At Work"

The Irish People, from [Official] Sinn Féin.

Published 5th September 1975:

"National Strike Called by Post Office Workers"

The Irish People, from [Official] Sinn Féin.

Published 5th September 1984:

"Mass Mobilisation to Stop the Fascist Criminal Justice Bill"

Voice of Revolution (Marxist-Leninist Weekly), from the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist).

From the first issue of Socialist Republic in 1988, an interview with the IPLO.

Published by the Socialist Republican Collective, the political arm of the IPLO, which split from the INLA in 1986.

From 1977: "Church Launches New Attack on Women"

Socialist Republic on the establishment of "Cura" by the catholic church, and the campaign for abortion, contraception and reproductive rights.

Socialist Republic was the paper of the Movement for a Socialist Republic, and later of People's Democracy when the two organisations merged in 1978.

(Cura closed in 2018 when new regulations and accreditation requirements were brought in.)

Published , 27th August 1974:

An Analysis of the Significance of the Ulster Workers’ Strike, May 14th-30th, 1974

From the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist).

The contemporary Socialist Party was formed in 1996.

It arose from the Militant tendency in Labour and the Labour and Trade Union Group in the North. Its members are part of Solidarity, and it's affiliated with International Socialist Alternative.


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In 1982 the SPI merged with Jim Kemmy's Limerick Socialist Organisation to form the Democratic Socialist Party.

Here are some documents from them in our collection:


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In 1971 SPI was set up, associated largely with former Official Sinn Féin members.

It identified strongly with the USSR, and was opposed to nationalism (forming part of the "Socialists Against Nationalism" campaign).


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The next Socialist Party of Ireland was formed in Belfast and Dublin on 28th May 1949 and associated with @OfficialSPGB and the World Socialist Movement.

The 1949 SPI later became the World Socialist Party.

Here's their manifesto:


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The first Socialist Party of Ireland formed in the 1900s to continue James Connolly's ISRP after it collapsed. It briefly became the first Communist Party of Ireland in the 1920s, until the Comintern ordered its dissolution in favour of James Larkin's Irish Worker League.


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