@LeonardHawksmoor I hate soulless buildings, so many modern city buildings use this same black/brick/tan/slate color scheme and simple rectangular shapes, if I could destroy them all and replace them with neoclassical and gothic buildings I would

I'm not going to make a habit of political posts but today a sparkly hat got a three car escort to a that does nothing to help any of the millions in choosing between heating or eating.
Rather this wasteful bit of medieval pagentry supports a legislative agenda that curtails employment and environmental rights.
Ugh why didn't I move to Germany?!

Is it called Mastodon because learning to use it makes me feel like an extinct species?

Saw and at the cinema last week.

A lot of hype for The Northman but Holy F*** was it hyperviolent and took itself way too seriously

I much preferred the farting lesbian nuns with kinky visions of sword swinging Jesus as per Paul Verhoeven's ouevre. Which was also hilarious and IMO a much better film.

The internet is a positive place, full of kind and supportive people.


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