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For the avoidance of doubt, I am not a musician, but two of my offspring are, and feature on the list. Always trying to get their music in front of new ears. This is my daughter, guitar played by son.

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Long term home educator, multiple children, some grown. I'm late dx , ex techie into art, photography and books but currently struggling with undiagnosed chronic pain.

And I play games on my phone.

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I love all the stuff I'm seeing from @Curator, wondering whether that would actually be a closer home for me. Do people switch instances?

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🔔 To get started:

1. Follow me and I'll start to follow you back
2. Every time you forget to add a text description to an image I will send you a reminder.

Don't want reminders anymore Unfollow me!

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about the current harassment wave, boost for awareness 

the harassment instances such as poast, nicecrew, etc are currently going through the introductions hashtag to try and find any queer people they can find to harass, as well as spamming it with their own shit.

a lot of the harassment replies /untag/ the original poster so they might not realize those are replies are there but other people looking at the post will see them.

please defederate from any such instances to keep your users safe, they're very nasty.
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Hey, wanna adopt a starry critter?
I have a bunch of original art available and it'd be nice if I could sell some as I need money. Boosts appreciated, thanks!

(I'm going out soon so if you get something before that I'll ship it today, otherwise it'll be next week)
#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Also paused to take a picture of one of my favourite

I prefer to call them rather than weeds, but I didn't manage to get that to take off on Instagram. Maybe people will be more receptive to the concept here. This is Herb Robert, of the cranesbill family.

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I went to the job centre and actually my job coach is incredibly supportive so that's good. Even printed the form off for me that I need, and if I drop it back to her, she'll scan and email it to the right place.

And on the way back I found a fantastic resource in a charity shop for £2!

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@Liveotherwise Mastodon is a software, the fediverse is the network and ActivityPub is the protocol.

So yeah, your analogy to blogging software works. Mastodon is to the fediverse what Wordpress is to blogging.

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Please don't censor words!

If you change characters in the words then the keyword mute thing can't filter out the post from people's timelines.

Trust people to block keywords they don't want to see!

(Also you can put things in CWs if you want to be extra cautious.)

I have to leave the house in 15 minutes. I need to get up.

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Wrapping my head around the term and where Mastodon sits in it.

Thinking back to my early days of blogging. Mastodon is a type of software, like WordPress is a type of software. Remembering having an actual stand up argument at a blog conference with the tech presenter who didn't know the difference between .com and .org

To extend it, there are lots of other ways to run a blog, and it appears there are other ways to run an instance. Eg pleroma

Am I getting to grips with this?

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This may seem like a trivial thing, but please re-consider using the word 'refugees' when you're coming over from other sites. It's easy to not put much thought into our words, but for a lot of people here, 'refugee' carries a really heavy implication that's being diminished seeing it used for people switching social media sites.

The fediverse at large - not just .art - is a very diverse place full of beautiful people trying to look out for each other in a caring environment. Let's be kind <3

Also, my printer utterly refused to print the form more than one page at a time, I gave up fighting with it about 3 am (I was avoiding going to bed because of a lingering nightmare I did *not* want to revisit) so now I have to go figure that out as well.

Must get up. Coffee required.

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Uk politics 

If I want to work while on ESA, there's a form I have to submit. On the website it says "Send it to the Jobcentre Plus office that deals with your benefit. They will tell you if the work you want to do meets the permitted work conditions."

And I'd read jobcentre, and thought that meant I needed to take it to you know, the actual job centre.

But it turns out, when you fight your way through the 6 page form, that you absolutely mustn't do that, and just why?

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Today's stress related activity is an appt with my job coach.

I'm on ESA, due to the chronic pain in my hands and arms, but I still have to have a job coach, to make sure that I'm thinking about work.

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Thinking Person's Guide to Autism asked me to write about autism and routines for them.

Routines can be really helpful, mainly by reducing cognitive load and uncertainty; however, if they're imposed by someone else, and especially if they don't feel like they make sense, they can really backfire.

Thought of a thing I didn't mention before as an interest. anyone else out there?

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Twitter Tired: Post new complete finished amazing art constantly. Engage with everyone. Use hashtags, but not too many, or not too few, and always the right ones (we won't tell you what the right ones are). Post on a schedule, but keep it random. Sign every tweet with your sweat and tears.

Wired MastoArt: draw squiggles pls

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Got 14 artists added, and yes, I included crawlers. Not sure they need the boost, but feels wrong to miss them out!

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