I wonder how some people here have achieved thousands of followers? Are they also a business of purchasing followers here on Mastodon as well?

@clarinette I have 10k followers on twitter, having been there a long time. I've maybe 30 who interact regularly. I'm not v interested in big numbers.

@Liveotherwise @clarinette similar story for me - although smaller numbers. I have approx 1600 followers on Twitter - amassed over years without really trying. I interact with a handful of people there. Big numbers are only important to marketers.

@jonbeckett @clarinette I used to blog and do reviews, was in a lot of networks. No idea how many of my followers and people I'm following are inactive, twitter denied access to a lot of tools that helped you manage that stuff

@Liveotherwise @jonbeckett I see you are a home educator. I am a strong believer on online education. Have created a curation on Pearltrees of online resources. You might have more suggestions to add pearltrees.com/educresources

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