To everyone joining right now:

Welcome to the fediverse. With your account on you get access to people from lots of other Mastodon servers (in fact, this message you're reading originates from!). You can follow people from these other servers and you can even move your account (incl. your followers) to another server. Beyond that server stuff the UI should be familiar enough, there's a lot of mobile apps.


au ah capek gua nyari followers, tl gua udh cukup rame

@MINSUGA ada tanda clip di pojok kiri bawah, itu click ajaa, nanti ada opsi 'add media'

capek dah gua tai scroll buat ngefollow malah ke up mulu. yang mau temenan rep(?) ada lah toot ini ntar gua follow

woy anjim rame bener fag ini gua pen ngefollow anak rp nya gmn kalo ke up mulu


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