Good mooorrning, everyone! This is MJ speaking, and since he is fresh from the oven, he needs: FRIENDS!!! Let's be friend, i accept everyone here, as long as you are using English. So, hello?!

@MJ okay I'll talk with you in English then. hello there, MJ oppa! :D

@izoneminju hello Minju!!!it's nice to meet you. Let's get closer~

@MJ EM JAAAAAY! Oh, wait a second. Did i spell your name in right way? Hello, brother! It's a great to see you around but unfortunately we haven't talk to each other yet. How's life?

@jaesix exactly, bro! Hello there and thank you for approaching me, i feel happy to see you here! Life is great, like, really great for me, fortunately. Eventhough i don't really do anything these days, how about you? Anyway, morning, and pardon my tardiness~

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