I decided to closing down this acc.

If you want to talk, come over to my twitter! Username is on my profile. gbye!

@Minji tapi servernya dah lancar, kmrn lemot abis.

@Minji iya. Kadang muncul kadang enggak. Gak paham juga..:/

I just discovered the unlisted feature and i feel: dumbie dumb.

@minguri mowning for another KMJ right there! Nice day ahead, Minju!

@chaeunwoo eunwoo! As expected as this human, of course you are such an early bird! Fighting for today yaay!

@jenniei meowning! :welp: don't forget to eat your breakfast!

@seochangbin ello Changbin! Wishing you a happy Thursday ahead! How's life?

@jaesix exactly, bro! Hello there and thank you for approaching me, i feel happy to see you here! Life is great, like, really great for me, fortunately. Eventhough i don't really do anything these days, how about you? Anyway, morning, and pardon my tardiness~

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