Lovely spot in the sun to recharge the batteries… or do they decharge? (Is that even a word?)

Some... thing made a noise under his reading chair. A slithery, snarling sound.
"Is there," he asked, "a monster under my chair?"
"Your daughter," a monster growled, "she hissed at us."
"I'm sorry. She's had a really bad day."
"We live there, under her bed. She's scary."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Best spot to nap in the entire world if you ask her. I wouldn’t lay there. I know the risk!

Den der følelse af glæde når eksemet er ved at være helet op, fordi man har været dygtig og ladet være med at kradse, kombineret med følelsen af tomhed og mangel over, at huden er ved at være glat og uden knopper og eksem, der indbyder til at blive kradset i… den er lidt ambivalent.
Pludselig er det gået op for mig, hvor meget kradsen og pillen er vane og en måde at finde tryghed på.

"You will only leave this tower, princess," the knight said, "as my wife."
The knight laughed and left.
The princess heard a yell, a crunch, then heavy steps.
A dragon opened the door.
"You are free."
The princess hesitated.
"We all choose who we are," the dragon said.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Today’s are:
1: A very quiet day at work - only 63 phone calls 📞☎️(I’ve got around 175 on a normal day)
2: Had ice cream after work 👍🍦
3: The temperature is going down after a hot day, and our bedroom is cooling down nicely 🌬 (ceiling fan does help! 😂)

Bonus photo ❤️ her favourite place to sleep - on top of our clothes (hence the cover on some of it)

Sorry about the quality of the photo. It’s taken through i dirty window and zoomed in. Damn cat is small and all that 😂

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I wonder what she’s looking at. Must be interesting 😁 She’s not really good at hunting for birds, she’s more of a mouse cat ☺️

Min er Equal Rites af Terry Pratchett ❤️ Startede godt nok på den tidligere på ugen, men forventer at få tid til at læse i dag 😊

from yesterday - because I fell asleep before I could do this. 1: Spent hours with my mom at a really nice spa. 2: Had really nice carbonara for dinner. 3: Wine. (And 4, since I fell asleep: Slept like a baby)

Two days in and already I’m fed up with the Tour de France - but am stuck with family who insists on watching that shit 🙄😣

There are many things I will never understand but chief amongst them of late is the USA.

Individual US citizens, sure, I've met many, lived with them, became friends with some, and encountered online so many lovely, kind, talented, sincere and amazing people. Hello cool people!

Oh but your nation? I don't get it. I don't get the obsession with the founding fathers, the obsession with the document they wrote, the obsession with laws, and enforcing them, the gun obsession, the individualism obsession, the freedom obsession. I will never understand the systems that oppress as much as they try to help: healthcare, education, legal, voting, housing, wages.

Some days the US feels as strange, remote, and unfathomable as the distant past, like the Roman Empire with their snacks of mice dipped in honey, where starving bears attacking women was fine, but naked women being attacked by bears was a step too far.

Sorry. I don't get it.

Is "hot as balls" hotter or cooler than "hot as arse"?

I am so allergic to cinnamon that even a ____________ will cause me to have a reaction.

If you don’t know take your best guess.

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Check back tomorrow for the correct answer.

DEFENESTRATION means _____________.

If you don’t know take your best guess.

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The last song I listened to was from

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Ist da jemand der/die so fühlt wie ich?

Sind da noch mehr Menschen aus dem Autismus Spektrum im Fediverse zu finden? 😳

Weiterverteilen mit BOOST für mehr Reichweite ist gerne gesehen. Danke! 😉

Is there anyone who feels as I do?

Are there more people from the autism spectrum in the Fediverse? 😳

Redistribution with BOOST for better reach is welcome. Thanks! 😉

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