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sir, sir, I have a doctor's note saying i can poop on the floor of Whole foods sir

Google already knows everything about me, so can we put that dataset to use to generate psychotherapy? State of the art hardware could probably churn out 10, 20 emotional breakthroughs a minute

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when you type 'trekkies' but your phone autocorrects to tr*nn**s

wut the fuck why would i want to say that

I'm so ₱ⱠɆ₳₴ɆĐ at my internet service provider right now! They ₮ⱧⱤɆ₩ ₳ ฿łⱤ₮ⱧĐ₳Ɏ ₱₳Ɽ₮Ɏ my political tweets because they don't ₳ĐØⱤ₳฿ⱠɆ ₱Ʉ₱₱Ɏ their political agenda

That moment when you try to shit on your ISP in a post and it takes 5 minutes to send

Anyone have theories about what the internet will look like after civilization collapses?

This is the guy that got me started on decentralized computing. A radical cypherpunk

What is the point of revolutionary social software if you can only use it to talk to nerds

New to mastodon. Why the fuck are they called toots.


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