Here I am again. Haven't been here for nearly a month. I need an idiot's guide to this thing.

Keep forgetting about this place. Haven't really got the hang of it.


I've got the dishwasher, the bread machine and the washing machine all going at once and ONE of them is making noises. However when I go into the kitchen to check which, it shuts up.

I've had five rashers of bacon in the form of two bacon sandwiches for breakfast.

Now to take on Putin.

1. had a lovely afternoon nap
2. have just ordered some gorgeous kitchenware for myself
3. jeweller mended my housemate's necklace for free, saving her £12 and I picked it up so I got to tell her.

Auf einem Spaziergang an der Seine entlang, entdeckte ich die ungewöhnliche Brücke. Ich wartete 20 Minuten bis ein Fussgänger die richtige Position hatte.

#paris #streetphotography #monochrome #bnwphotography #schwarzweissfoto #schwarzweissfotografie #strassenfotografie

An update on the scale model record shop and derelict launderette. Now flyposted and has records in it.

1. Went for a walk. Always nice, a walk.
2. Took some food to the emergency food box by the church. Bit double edged: I enjoy donating to it but hate that people need it.
3. Met some people for a picnic.

I'm watching again, for the 2.5th time. In very small doses, ten minutes at a time, so that I get every bit. Every glorious nuance.

God, it's wonderful.

1. took housemate shopping for bikini, shorts, crop top and trainers and got all three in 75 minutes
2. leftover paella for dinner and it was delish
3. got a load of washing dry in 6 hours. Summer is here!

This is how I would like my garden to look: a bit rambling and overgrown , as though it had been in existence for a hundred years and not six months 😀

1. took part in a voluntary beach clean
2. picnic cos ace weather
3. made paella and it was mwah!

1. Did my day's volunteering for Oxfam.
2. Had a nice friendly chat with new housemate ('have you got a helicopter in the bathroom or is it just the way the shower sounds?')
3. There was a packet of jaffa cakes . . .

Can't help feeling the good folks at Mastodon are wondering what's hit them.

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