Is there any possibility to read with automatic ?
I miss reading even that I don't understand. @feditips ?


They are working on a translation system, but it isn't ready yet.

@feditips Oh that's fine! I'm looking forward to it. At the moment I copy-paste toots to

@NatureMC @feditips Highlight the text you want to translate, then click or tap on the word #translation. It’s not automatic, and it doesn’t support all #languages but sure works in a lot of cases.

@NatureMC @alternative_be

I am guessing this is some feature on Android?

There is nothing like this in Mastodon yet.

@alternative_be @NatureMC

Ahh, ok, I think that's a feature of iOS, it's nothing to do with Mastodon?

Does it work in other apps too?

@NatureMC @feditips I’m on my tablet right now. On a pc, I would suggest Deepl or Google Translate.

@alternative_be @feditips Yes, this is my way at the moment - copy paste to deepl. But thank you, your answer can help others!

@NatureMC @alternative_be @feditips
This depends on the operating system.
On PC there are addons for the browser; depends on which browser you use. For Firefox I use the "Reverso" add-on, but there are other plugins that connect to DeepL or Google Translate.

@NatureMC Yes, I find DeepL generally quite good.
But you're right it would be nice to have an inbuilt button in Mastodon to show a translation next to the original so one doesn't have to fiddle with plugins or copy&paste.
This was also one of the features I missed.

@StephanMatthiesen they are planning it. Meanwhile, I don't read so many Japanese toots.😉

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