Sometimes I try to follow people in mastodon but I can't because they are in other servers or smth like that mmm... I still don't fully understand how this website works

Please watch what we do in the shadows! It is so good

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i have 97 mental illnes and im banned from most public spaces

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Avatar 2,3,4 and 5 seems sooo bad i love it

Mastodon we need to boost (retoot) with comment!!

Today a student asked a teacher if she can submit the exercise a day later, and he answered "I will delay the dateline 2 days I don't really care" I wish each teacher was like this

This week 3 people have offered me a job, stop!! I hate work I don't want to work

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Remember that God created the feet... so he could be kinky... Mmm... I'm up to something I feel it

Today I feel really sad and I don't know why, it's just like that

Mastodon is really huge in japan! now I can practice my reading

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