please someone tell me a mastodon client that i can use to replace web mastodon, so it will be a bit faster than (see previous toot), it needs to work on ubuntu 20.04 lts

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@Novimatrem Alternatively, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could craft your own using the Python3 Mastodon package πŸ˜‚ (python3-mastodon in the repo, I believe).

@chiraag @Novimatrem
I cannot stop myself from promoting @tut
It is the by-far better alternative to #toot when looking for a #tui alternative πŸ™ƒ

@Novimatrem @chiraag @tut
Give it a try if you are adventurous. It even handles media files (via external applications of course), can be styled etc etc.
The only unfortunate thing is, that the maintainer does not seem to be around anymore :(

@toxision @Novimatrem @tut At this point, I'll probably stick with the web interface anyway, since I'm already running my browser and it seems to be the most mature UI (though not without its faults!).

@cryptoduke I did, the contrast between the toots was too low for me, maybe a nitpick, settling with Sengi

@Novimatrem If you like the command line and speed, then tut is almost certainly the best option. If you want a GUI, a search for Mastodon in the Snap Store/Flatpak/Official Repos will give you some good options to look through

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