(Post 1/3) Coming out, again:

Ok, listen everyone, so I've given it a lot of thought, over the past while, and as it turns out, I'm cat-kin. I'm not only a furry, as I had thought before, I'm a cat in a human body.

I've been a furry for a long time, for at least since I was 14 (I'm 21, soon), and upon self-reflection at various points throughout my life, I could never have seen myself as anything other than a cat, I will continue to enjoy all the furry everything, now I know I'm a real cat ofc

(Post 2/3) Coming out, again:
I have the soul of a cat, even though my form/vessel is human.

For further research of this, I'm quite sure it's called being 'otherkin', and specifically in my case 'cat-kin'.

Thanks for @artemis + their bud, they were the first kin I saw where I truly realised what kin was and also for helping me have the confidence to come out, though I'm sure my @mfoxdogg is fox-kin, upon thinking about it.

In fact, I got my paws on a collar, with great thanks to mfoxdogg

(Post 3/3) Coming out, again:
Please be patient with me as I work on adjusting all my profiles, and some of my language used, to more reflect my being a cat. I have a lot of things to do, now I'm out, to make myself feel more comfortable, and also make it more clear and obvious to others.

and heck yes there will be more meows, paws, and purring, etc.

Please boost all these posts for visibility, and be accepting!

tldr; I am officially a pansexual polyamorous gay trans girl catkin, really and seriously, and would like that to be known and respected.

Anyone who doesn't appreciate this, well, you don't like the real me, and can gladly gtfo.

I need some support, and I'm a bit nervous about coming out like this, but I really thought it was about time I said it. <3

@Novimatrem btw you're a gooood kitty, yes you are, yes you are!! :patcat::patcat:

@Novimatrem As a fellow kin, we know that praise and acceptance in one go tends to be one of the most validating things to help oneself/selves fully accept being kin.

So, with that in mind:

Who's a good kitty? You're a good kitty! Yes you are, yes you are! :blobcatheart:

@Novimatrem Julayla: Congrats, dear. You're in good company. I am otherkin too, though a hybrid of squirrel, clouded leopard and kitsune.

@Novimatrem Hope you find someone with same interest. And go all out of your mentality. Just don't be an a**hole and I'm sure you will be respected. I mean nobody particularly cares. But
Good Job for being brave enough to talk about this

@Novimatrem This is not something that I can personally identify with, but I've never understood how it is that anyone can have a problem with it. How does your identity affect them in any way? If this is who you are, then I say be your authentic self, and be unapologetic about it. Kudos.

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