I saw a post on somewhere once on how to remember how to extract something with tar, so now whenever I do, I remember it as 'xtract ze vucking files'

tar -xzvf

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code block  


function tar-wrapper switch $argv[1] case extract command tar -xaf $argv[2] end end

put in your startup and extend as needed

(-x: extract, -a: auto-detect compression, -z: use gzip compression specifically, -v: verbose, -f: the files)

@Novimatrem Nice! The only important part is that “f” comes last, though. “tar xzvf foo.tar.gz” is short for “tar -x -z -v -f foo.tar.gz”, where “-f” means “the next argument is going to be the filename to extract”.

@tek @Novimatrem with GNU tar I just do `tar xvf file.tar.gz`, it automagically detects it's zipped

@swaggboi @Novimatrem Yep. My fingers type the "z" anyway out of habit, but it's usually not needed anymore.

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