oh, guess i'm never watching mature rated youtube vdeos or anything with too much swearing, ever again


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@Novimatrem Not sure if it helps, but a learner's permit is just as valid as a full license.

I mean, if you just don't want to send your deets to Google, that's valid.

@Novimatrem You've mentioned something along these lines before and I guess I'm just missing something about your circumstances.

@Novimatrem err, right, I should actually reply until I've caught up with the TL.

Maybe worth misgendering yourself purely for the purpose of breaking the ID paradox and then later on get it reissued with the correct gender if you need to start using it more regularly? Kinda like EAFP. I mean, I know it sucks, but if ID is also stopping you from getting your GIC referral like you mentioned before, maybe it's worth it?

@Novimatrem This is a thing? I was going to say that I've never seen this, but then I realised that they already have my credit card number for YouTube Music.

@jlamothe this is a thing. for some people who aren't in the position to have a card or ID it's awful

@jlamothe probably. but that defeats the purpose, i want to relax in bed and watch this shit, not be balls deep in a command line waiting for everything to download before i can watch it

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, proof of identity requirements, corporations 

@Novimatrem .m youtube-dl

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, proof of identity requirements, corporations 

@moonbolt i know. it's too much for me to contend with when i'd just like to be able to relax. i'll go without

@Novimatrem youtube-dl or an invidious front end?

I find it interesting a lot of people in big tech and on the left think we need to end anonymity on the Internet as some kind of solution to a completely made up problem.

@chiraag @Novimatrem I don't know if NewPipe can circumvent age restriction, but if yes, it would be the best solution

@Novimatrem try to youtube-dl it. Playback is better local anyway.
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