Just set up my outdoor WAP, what’s the single most obnoxious channel that I can choose?

If there is one thing I teach my future children it will be to never ever trust anyone in politics who is online more than in the real world. Jfc Twitter activists are dumb.

American agriculture is a complicated machine that turns oil into parasite-riddled whitetail deer

My only conclusion, and I hate that I think this, is that someone involved in the decision making process intended people to die. I also don’t think it was Trump.

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The big fucking question mark regarding the J6 insurrection is why no one in the Pemtagon authorized a significant increase in force and the deployment of additional NG the second it became clear that the capitol was no longer under control.
Stepping away from my solarpunk self, if I’m doing risk management for the fucking feds: the capitol being breached is 1 step away from game over, so you bet I’m activating 3/4 of my available resources long before that point.

I’m actually very excited that Signal is integrating with payments. The ability to send money digitally is huge for uptake, and if they’re able to do it in a way that protects privacy then they will have struck a massive blow against the surveillance state.

“Touch grass”? What are you callin me some kinda pervert

Man what the hell is going on in NI? What got the loyalists pissed off?

Reason to write down your passwords until you memorize them:
1 - say goodbye to forgetting your new password
2 - justification for carrying a zippo
3 - feel like George Smiley once you’ve committed it to memory and burn the paper

Gonna fuck around and learn The Girl from Ipanema. Might find out.

I aspire to parent like this, except I’ll name my daughter Stihl


Look, I may have you at gunpoint, but really this is your fault for using the word “liminal”

The virgin “coherent political ideology” vs. the Chad Anarcho-Marxist

Cool, cool, you spent $50k on a tesla. Please learn how to use the gas pedal

Re-punched an rj-45 that had lost its clip and suddenly my internet works again

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