Nothing is more infuriating than a healthcare worker who’s too selfish to get vaccinated

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Your periodic reminder that Bitcoin is a fiat currency

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Rev. Paniscus Ridiculous of the Church of the SubGenius demonstrates which of the oranges are his oranges.

:jrbd: 🐵

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PeerTube v3, an alternative to centralized video platforms like YouTube, is now live! Read more about the new release from our friends at @framasoft,, and subscribe to our PeerTube channel at !

Anyone here on masto work for/with the National Cooperative Grocers Association?

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The project includes an "UltraWide 8.8″ LCD Terminal" built around a skinny 4:1 LCD and powered by an OpenGL-capable Nvidia Jetson Nano. It is so wide it didn't fit in Mesià's 3D printer bed, so it had to be assembled from multiple pieces.


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Some people work while they're stressed and locked indoors. I wrote most of a book during the covid crisis:

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself on that score, but then I found out what Oriol Ferrer Mesià did with his time.

His "Modern Retro Computer Terminals" project are a series of tiny computers built around low-cost processors like the Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano, run off a 3D printer and assembled.


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Here's the David Niven Jazz collection on the Internet Archive:

"650 tapes · 1,000 hours ... scans of cassette liner cards & literature. Meticulously Collected, Compiled, and Narrated by David W. Niven, 1930-1993. Generously Donated by David W. Niven to the Foxborough High School Jazz Program, Stephen C. Massey, Director, 2010. Archived to CD-Quality Digital Audio by Kevin J. Powers, 2010-2011.
An Early Jazz Recording Collection by David W. Niven"

#music #jazz

animal abuse; death penalty 

I’m anti death penalty but I’ll make an exception for fucking with manatees

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Up today is a collection of live recorded speeches from Malcolm X

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re: uspol, military 

@djsundog "reactivate any eligable retirees long enough to charge them under the UCMJ".

so much salt, so much popcorn, LOVE IT

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FYI You can use youtube-dl to download the subtitles too

If you already got the video and just want the subtitles:
youtube-dl --write-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL

Where "URL" is the link

This skips the downloading of the video and just gets the English subtitles

Or if you want the auto-generated subtitles:
youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --sub-lang en --skip-download URL

German is "de", Japanese is "jp" and so on...

VLC should be able to play your video with the downloaded subs

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Just thinking about the LTE network re-transmitters that are providing service to the old bad service having Capital building, and for that matter the tunnels underneath.

Seems like there were a lot of people on Wednesday with Cellphones in there...

I'm sure they thought about that though, right?

I mean... they seem like the sort to have strong OpSec.

uspol; feds 

I used to think that the plot to Olympus Has Fallen was contrived and forced, but after learning that even being prepared for violence, the FBI rapid response teams took 50 minutes to arrive makes me think that the feds are just actually that bad at their jobs.

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CEO of parler stated during a tv interview that parler's attorneys have now dropped them as a client.

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grocery store workers should be allowed to pepper spray anti-maskers

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The #FreeRadical web front end is hosted on a cloud server, and could be quickly relocated. Its database is hosted on privately owned physical hardware. Media is hosted on a different cloud service, and could be quickly relocated.

We mitigate deplatforming risks by maintaining relationships with multiple vendors and being able and willing to migrate on a moment’s notice, and also by not hosting Nazis and other terrorists.

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