Cherry cough syrup hits different

I’ve forgotten my dmcrypt password to my desktop and I’m very frustrated.

Man wtf I take a break from social media and when I’m back everyone is planning on leaving mastodon?

Shout out to the Broadcom sales rep who emailed to ask me if I wanted to re-up SEP. you shot your shot bro, and that’s what counts.

Oh my god they did Dune justice (I think, time will tell)

The year is 2028, the Sugondeez Liberation Army wages a guerrilla war up and down the West Coast.
The FBI is unable to penetrate their civilian support, as all interrogation attempts end predictably.

Why does Bawitdaba only come on the radio when I’m about to get out of my car

The scent of black walnut, freshly pruned.
Asclepias blooming in the sun.
Death waits hidden, while around me the seasons turn.

@sotm have the talks been recorded? I don’t see any way to view when I go to the page for individual sessions from previous days.

Anyone have any recommendations for oxygen concentrators?

If I were not already in a relationship, the 2600 Personals section might tempt me

Computer, show me pictures of plants with a threatening aura.

We need a St. Paul Principles but for whether or not it’s allowed to trigger ransomware on major holidays.

Nothing like your asset management software delivering ransomware

Our modern dystopia is a suburban parent buying their child a genetics test online from Target using Apple Pay. The purchase is delivered by drone, and the results are shared on tiktok.

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