@darcywitchgang hey you post witchy shit.... any chance you recognize what I’m talking about? It was some slogan about how spending additional energy to control a system would ultimately result in that system becoming more chaotic eventually? It’s been driving me crazy and obviously that’s not specific enough for google to be useful

@Orwelldonesteak shit that vaguely rings a bell but the only thing it reminds me of is laws of thermodynamics :B

@darcywitchgang @onan ok I was wrong it wasn’t a Subgenius belief it was a Discordian belief. “The Law of Eristic Escalation”. That’s been bugging me for over a year but I couldn’t figure it out, thanks so much for the help!!

@darcywitchgang @onan see the first paragraph of jetsetmag.com/exclusive/busine

It’s really weird that it’s documented in a business magazine but hey that’s chaos for ya

@darcywitchgang I was super hard into Discordianism back in the day, now I’m pretty casual. I love it though it makes a lot of sense

@darcywitchgang extremely. Even if as a life philosophy rather than anything magickal


Excellent sleuthing!

I was fortunate enough to be a pen pal then meet Rev. Jesse Sump of the Church of the SubGenius aka Omar Kayyam Ravenhurst aka Kerry Wendell Thornley. Co-discoverer of The Discordian Society, credited in “Drawing Down the Moon” with identifying the flower children as modern pagans, accused conspirator in the JFK assassination, proto-libertarian, so much more... he had a troubled mind and a happy heart and the two fought all his life


@onan @Orwelldonesteak @darcywitchgang me accidentally typing ddate on a Unix command line led me to Eris & "Bob". It was all right there in the man page. The sacred chaos.

@RevChumok @onan @Orwelldonesteak @darcywitchgang But did "Bob" indeed have the year written inverted like the man page says?

@Orwelldonesteak @darcywitchgang

The more control, the more that requires control. This is the road to chaos.
- PanSpechi aphorism,
"The Dosadi Experiment" by Frank Herbert

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