@jamesrichardson back before 9/11 broke his brain, he was brilliant


Cherry cough syrup hits different

I’ve forgotten my dmcrypt password to my desktop and I’m very frustrated.

Man wtf I take a break from social media and when I’m back everyone is planning on leaving mastodon?

@ajroach42 I was using a Gemini browser for iOS but it’s dev account expired so now I’m stuck

Shout out to the Broadcom sales rep who emailed to ask me if I wanted to re-up SEP. you shot your shot bro, and that’s what counts.

ill at least cw my livetooting of skimming through the literary masterpiece that is brian herbert's "the little green book of chairman rahma" 

@skelly@redroo.ml lol this sounds great

Oh my god they did Dune justice (I think, time will tell)

@tedu a true scholar. The lumpenproles would use 2% and 1%

The year is 2028, the Sugondeez Liberation Army wages a guerrilla war up and down the West Coast.
The FBI is unable to penetrate their civilian support, as all interrogation attempts end predictably.

@punkscience my life is stressful enough that I’ll take any reminder of the good old days that I can

Why does Bawitdaba only come on the radio when I’m about to get out of my car

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