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There is NO situation in which I have just opened an RDP session where I want the credential input to not have focus

I’ll never forgive American History X for ruining Solidarity Forever for me

To the tune of Safety Dance:
🎵Doin’ the safety squints🎵

Paying a lawyer to tell me whether trying to pull a “bofa” during a police interview counts as waiving my right to council.

Every time I get frustrated I log into our email gateway and block a marketing domain that I would otherwise unsubscribe from.

Ah for the halcyon days when “hydro” was a way that your hookup grew weed and not a dangerous pill

Shout-out to the person on the FullDisclosure list who’s spending their time looking for vulns in malware. Real MVP

The Armenian People were the victims of genocide. Saying this is now a moderate position in the Democratic Party.

I want an unlimited supply of Bourne-esque action movies. Hollywood keep pumping out 2 hour films with a CIA agent going rogue and pulverizing government employees. Hook that shit directly into my veins.

Protip: if you are trying to sell me something and you don’t take even 10 seconds to look at the pronunciation of my Indian developers name, it doesn’t make me want to give you my money.

Wiener dogs smell like corn chips and that is the closest any of us wretches will get to heaven kicking off white boy summer in the funniest possible way

Just set up my outdoor WAP, what’s the single most obnoxious channel that I can choose?

If there is one thing I teach my future children it will be to never ever trust anyone in politics who is online more than in the real world. Jfc Twitter activists are dumb.

American agriculture is a complicated machine that turns oil into parasite-riddled whitetail deer

My only conclusion, and I hate that I think this, is that someone involved in the decision making process intended people to die. I also don’t think it was Trump.

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The big fucking question mark regarding the J6 insurrection is why no one in the Pemtagon authorized a significant increase in force and the deployment of additional NG the second it became clear that the capitol was no longer under control.
Stepping away from my solarpunk self, if I’m doing risk management for the fucking feds: the capitol being breached is 1 step away from game over, so you bet I’m activating 3/4 of my available resources long before that point.

I’m actually very excited that Signal is integrating with payments. The ability to send money digitally is huge for uptake, and if they’re able to do it in a way that protects privacy then they will have struck a massive blow against the surveillance state.

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