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After writing the page on Panzer Dragoon Wiki about baturns, I felt like drawing them. A small family of baturns at the edge of the forest as a morli flies in the sky. Background made with Artbreeder plus some edits to it.

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🌟 @PanzerDragoonLegacy - The internet's biggest Panzer Dragoon fansite and community

🌟 @gverbaan - Dutch actress and singer Georgina Verbaan

🌟 @christianp - Mathematician and software engineer, runs the maths-themed server

🌟 @hesir - Paints and draws intricate fantasy artwork for comics, tabletop RPGs etc.

🌟 @EU_Commission - Official account of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union


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Panzer Dragoon Legacy is a fan site and community about the Panzer Dragoon games from Sega. You can follow at:

➡️ @PanzerDragoonLegacy

Their website is at and has links to their forum and chat communities.

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