Haha I just blocked reddit. Get stuffed you weeby alien psyop.

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That lady from Texas goin to jaaaaaaaiiiill

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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 2648 nodes, descending 130 nodes down.

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Chaos monkey but it's just me running up to random servers and shouting at them until their hard drives fail

Deep into my afternoon at work and all I can say is this: technology was a mistake

For those too lazy to click the link or who don't want to give twitter direct views.

Ok I was gonna go back to work and do so diligently but what the ever loving fudge is this shhhuggar.


They flip on a dime I swear.

My ennui is resolving it's dependencies. Such is the life of a working man

I gotta go back to work as a curator of ennui vibes, catch you later mastodon people.

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Reminder that one of the largest advertisers on Twitter is nestle, followed by people like Comcast

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Temperature changes really goof up my sinuses. When is the human body going to move beyond beta testing?

People are nice and friendly here. Feels like the old internet. In the past few days I've found more weird corners of the internet than in the past few years. Thanks for being weird.

In an act of ultimate irony, twitter is now cancelled, mastodon only from now on.

At first I thought this was an app I'd have to download so I wouldn't waste time on it when at work.

Oh well.

Quick! Dorsey is offline, post pictures of cats instead of birds!

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