**Text of the week**
"The Paris Comune" by Louise Michel, for the 150th anniversary of the Commune.
Michel is one of my favorite old-timey anarchists, a teacher, nurse, firebrand, and combatant. Her memoir is in French and Spanish.

In these early days of April, 150 years ago, the communards had just failed to take the government position at Versaille and they were settling in to resist a long siege that would end in many being massacred, and others being shipped off to New Caledonia, where they would either

support (Michel) or oppose (many socialists) the freedom struggle of the Kanak.
Differences over how to organize themselves, as well as differences in the International about how to respond from outside Paris, made clear the growing divergence between anarchists and socialists.


I think she wrote this without thinking it would still be read 150 years later, so contextual and historical notes are necessary.
It would be good to translate this work into English. Her memoirs, which also discuss the commune, are available here.

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