There are still so many veterans from the struggles of the 60s-80s who sre still locked up. Listen to them, talk to them, remember them, support them.
We Want Freedom by Mumia Abu-Jamal.

(25 April)
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist isn't so widely distributed, but it's such a poignant account of direct action, incarceration, sexuality, solidarity, and reintegration.
Alexander Berkman was one of our best writers of the last century.

Mutual Aid by @deanspade
This concise little book is really effective at demonstrating the importance of mutual aid in times of collapse, disaster, and extreme neoliberalism; demonstrating the differences between MA, charity, and the privatization of social services; and helping people involved in mutual aid projects organize and think more effectively about what they're doing. A clear and useful book, great for spreading around!

I'm going to try to get this thing active again over the coming weeks. I'll be backposting old Texts of the Week from the Twitter, marked *TotW*, just to serve as a recommended reading library.

@PeterGelderloos speaks about his latest book, “The Solutions Are Already Here: Strategies For Ecological Revolution From Below” (Pluto Press). We talk about anti-colonialism, autonomous infrastructure, being rooted in place, science & imagination.


I think she wrote this without thinking it would still be read 150 years later, so contextual and historical notes are necessary.
It would be good to translate this work into English. Her memoirs, which also discuss the commune, are available here.

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support (Michel) or oppose (many socialists) the freedom struggle of the Kanak.
Differences over how to organize themselves, as well as differences in the International about how to respond from outside Paris, made clear the growing divergence between anarchists and socialists.

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In these early days of April, 150 years ago, the communards had just failed to take the government position at Versaille and they were settling in to resist a long siege that would end in many being massacred, and others being shipped off to New Caledonia, where they would either

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**Text of the week**
"The Paris Comune" by Louise Michel, for the 150th anniversary of the Commune.
Michel is one of my favorite old-timey anarchists, a teacher, nurse, firebrand, and combatant. Her memoir is in French and Spanish.

Call for solidarity with Ruymán Rodríguez, anarchist repressed, tortured and persecuted by the Spanish state for housing the poor t.co/Dpu5NB9lNL

So @AKPressDistro put up an excerpt from my introductory article to the new book on Salvador Puig Antich and the MIL.
It's about the anarchist strategy of armed agitation, its roots, and its impact on armed groups from the Red Brigades to the Tupamaros.

What a joy to get up to #49 on the list of bird species I've identified around where I live, with the blauet, Alcedo atthis, common kingfisher in English. One of these distinctive birds plunged into the river and shook itself dry on a branch as I walked by.

The team that maintains the crimethinc.com site is renovating our digital infrastructure for 2021. Unfortunately, this means rebuilding the monthly sustainer program from scratch.


If you are able, please consider signing up to help us cover our costs, or just make a one-time donation. This money will go directly towards keeping our site online and our publications in print.
We are a 25-year-running all-volunteer project with no outside sources of funding. We offer everything we do for free or at break-even prices. We don't seek personal credit for our work. We rarely ask for help, but there are a few things that we can't do with dedication alone.

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"What redeemed our role in the revolution of July 19 was the work of the regular militants, who echoed the position of our classic theorists, and fled the bureaucratizing ambience of committees, trying instead to make the revolution in concrete ways, or who simply fought, without ever having read Bakunin or Kropotkin."

~ José Peirats

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