Two more hours and the ultimate rematch is set to happen. Sim Sports Slam Jam coming at you soon.

As I said, there were to be a stream this evening. But I totally forgot it's my stepdad's birthday today . But Costume Quest will come around the day before Halloween.

Well, I guess I can't get enough of Castlevania. At least it's a different game this time. Coming at you in an hour is a Lord of Shadow.

Symphony of the Night really does give you glimpse of what it's like to hang upside-down like a bat...minus the blood circulation. See you guys at 8pm EST.

It's official: AirServer is the best way to stream mobile games from your phone!

There's actually some stuff left unfinished in SotN, and I gotta check it out as I totally forgot how to do it. See you in an hour.

This castle's got a lot of rooms...

You guys know the drill: nothing but Phantom TV stuff for the rest of . I would love to finish Castlevania by, say, the end of the week?

So, uh. No more @HipHopPhantom streams until November. Everything from Phantom TV for the rest of the month will be more Castlevania and another Sim Sports event. More details on that here:

Time for some more Simulation Sports this evening. In about two hours, Rocket League action will be underway.

I'm gonna play Castlevania again in an hour and a half because I believe I know where to go.

Well, now it's Spooktober. And the stream's gonna taken over by a series of horror and Halloween-themed game, starting with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in less than an hour.

Wassup, y'all. This is Anonymous taking over this account again to let y'all know to be aware of all those false sources like deepfakes and clickbait. During this current time, they're definitely gonna be all over the place. Stay vigilant, my people.

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