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Phantom TV is now sponsored by Rogue Energy. Use the referral link and get 10% off on your first purchase with the code, BDA20.

Gladiator Games are coming soon, and it looks like things have been rapidly building up.

You'd wanna tune into this: A 4-way tag title ladder match. Will the FEDs finally drop the belts?

Rainbow Mika makes an exciting return to the ring! Also, The news on the Nippon's plan for the Iga Tag Team championships.

Now we bring back the Animazing Faceriggers for another round at a successful . Can we show off ?

We got a fight night main event for the first time on PPV as Tiger Shade squares off against Mongo.

Now looking into The Bethesda launcher before it shuts down: I just discovered I could install Quake 1 and The Elder Scrolls II.

It's a shame Vimeo gets overlooked just because the layout for videos isn't like YouTube. They're missing out on some quality content you can't even find on that Google box easily, let alone at all.

Nippon Upper Management is getting desperate as they prepare to initiate more plans for Shinobi .

Super Mega Baseball League is in week two, and the teams are already showing great prestige in their athletic performances. Will that momentum continue?

If anyone paid attention to title on the broadcast channels today...

April Fool's! The show's actually planned for tomorrow.

Nippon Upper Management are making some adjustments during tonight's Shinobi . One of them involving championship contenderships. More on that later.

Well, as disappointing as it may be, Tonight's Shinobi Wrestling won't be ordinary as...well, it's cancelled by the Nippon Upper Management due to the few match results of Loot on the Rise. See ya Thursday.

As you may know, the Summertime Shitstorm in still the works. Here's a sneak peek of the first episode exclusively on SubscribeStar.

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