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Phantom TV is now sponsored by Rogue Energy. Use the referral link and get 10% off on your first purchase with the code, BDA20.

Tonight, further descends into madness with in-ring action on the way at 7:45pm EST.

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Well, looks like we ain't doin' tha show. Might as well come back.

Tonight will be the night Shinobi Wrestling crowns new Koga Tag Team champions. Plus, an exciting championship main event. All that and more soon.

Finally, we got a championship matchup for the Koga Tag Team belts. Find out tomorrow night as X-Factor is set to air.

Tonight, our clan gamer, *GENKING*, looks to set some high scores. Tune in about an hour.

You wanna know what boggles my mind? The fact that some streamers have a rule saying "speak English", yet the viewer doesn't even know it.

OK, so why would anyone wanna fake a transparent background? -_-

Is it still pride month? OK, here it goes.

I'm bi.

For more info, go to this account:

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