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Alright. The spring break special is underway. We start off with the beginning of Super Mega Baseball season with the Legends taking on the Miracle.

Loot on the Rise has yet to come, and we already got two championship matches: Mark Valor issued his defense versus Metal Man after its "accidental" interference by its robotics team. And the Blood Sisters go on the hunt for the FEDs and the Koga Tag Titles.

The Blood Sisters want to go after the Koga Tag Titles accompanied by Vanessa Helsing. And what's with Yuri Boyka with his victory over the American Gladiator?

As Fate Sealed is just a few days away, the Shinobi Championship matchup is under scrutiny due to speculations of Mongo's involvement.

Tonight's episode might take some time to sink in as Roy Williams survived the might of Mongo.

Following the Aftermath of Mallebility, what's next for Shinobi Wrestling as it celebrates its 1-year anniversary?

Shinobi Wrestling's Lightning Man, along with the rest of Armed n' Dangerous, is investing in this Sim Sports team:

We must abruptly end the show due to a technical error. As of now, we're in maintenance mode.

Tonight, Shinobi could be really under pressure with the FEDs as they dare sabotage Mongo's debut match. He's definitely ready to rain down upon them some intense pain.

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