the sexual tension between a dual swords user and a greatsword user, like if you agree mod announcement 

Eugen make me a mod you coward!

Being always available and never hanging out are correlated, but there is no causation. They are both symptoms of not making plans and bugging your friends to do them

Also, I remembered I have to check follow requests on this account. Welcome to following philly but with an evil goatee

Now that my pfp is federating apparently, this dipshit was barking at me the other day and knocked the mop down and it bopped him on the head. He did not like how hard I laughed but he didn't jump up to bark at me again that day

@badboy69 the twink mullet guy united front smashing up the place

Has Eugen made me, bad boy or lizard mod yet so we can bad that idiot or....?

Oygan hasn't acknowledged my application for mod yet

I'm a Fe Male, entirely forged in iron

I fucked up and didn't ask what the deal with the Greek mythology names was. Like, did they see their personality first? Or did it just end up matching serendipity style?

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It's how I knew he was legit about being the owner of their parents, knowing Kronos and knowing he is scary

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Nothing about this story is false. I said "his brother is inside." Dude said "that mean mother fucker is in there?" Lmao

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Herc and Kronos' human dad came and visited and said hi to Herc while he was being walked. When told Kronos was inside he got visibly scared

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