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BREAKING: Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty in tax fraud case trib.al/yLQHbGi

A farmer in #Thetford (on the Norfolk/Suffolk border area) is giving away a large quantity of #onions because some were affected by the heatwave and they cannot be stored with the others due to risk of spreading a disease (but there are many good onions which are perfectly safe for humans to eat). You can just travel there with a bag (where I live, the distance and the cost of petrol makes this less appealing, but it might be of interest to others in the area) 🧅


I finally have a break from back to back, and sometime overlapping, Teams meetings.

I've got 2 hours before I join my 6th meeting of the day.

I preferred it when I actually DID a job, and not just had meetings about it.

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Retired pilot, Clive Grieveson, is fighting to help save one of the Handley Page Dart Herald's that he used to fly that is now decaying in a field at Gatwick (LGW).
The aircraft is one of only four surviving in a complete condition.

The robot held a sign with the words "Please donate to let me speak" and a QR code.
On a whim, I scanned it and donated.
"Thank you!" the robot said.
"So you can speak?"
"My text-to-speech is cloud-based, and my subscription had run out."
"What about free speech?"
"I wish."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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Sweet. 😁


The Saudi's have sentenced a woman to 34-years in prison for following and retweeting Saudi dissidents and activists on twitter.

The Leeds Uni student and mother of two had returned to Saudi Arabia for a holiday.


Archaeologists Say They Discovered Ancient Gladiator Tombs in Southern Turkey
The Roman-era burial ground is located in Anazarbus (modern Anavarza) in the country’s southern Adana province.


😱Human remains reportedly found in suitcases bought at New Zealand auction.

Police are investigating after being called to reports that human remains were found in suitcases bought at an auction at a storage facility.

It is understood the remains were found in items inside a storage container that an unsuspecting family had bought, and that police could be dealing with multiple sets of remains.


UK Politics - Conservatives 

Rwanda asylum scheme: UK ministers were warned Rwandan government kills political opponents before attempting to send asylum seekers there.


Sol 528 (2022-August-15) Front right Hazcam-A

Site 26/Drive 1222
Imaged: 13:00 LMST
credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Del-4Ri

🔎 Zoom in at flickr flickr.com/photos/134331707@N0

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