Would love to get my ass eaten tho 😝

Learning that pleiadians are hive minds... explains everything

Ok I have to complain on here too but I literally walked home a 30-50 pound grocery bag and my arm is soooooooo sore rn and I realized I forgot to pick up ONE LEMON...... so now I can’t even eat what I wanted to eat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


I just know how insane I can drive people 😂😭 if you have ever had me echo in your head... you wanna split ur head open

I’m always like “no it’s okay! Please don’t feel bad for treating me like shit!”

It's funny how cops will throw a hissy fit if you disrespect them (as if they were deserving of any respect above any other person). My guy, you aren't a Vietnam War Veteran or some shit, you are just a cop on a traffic strop. Do your fucking job, retail workers have to deal with incredibly annoying people constantly and we aren't making thin line flags for them (we should tho).

My grandma has been protecting me all this time? *sobs*

Who are you voting for poll 

Who’s everyone voting for?

If anyone wants some HEALING ass music, lemme refer you to Korean ballad songs. Holy crap the ears will be hearing into heaven.


Which leads me to be reminded of the fact that I need to uplift myself constantly and be nice to myself ❤️

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I know I’m not embarrassing so I should stop referring to myself this way but sometimes, I am truly embarrassing myself all the time looool

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Omg me realizing my entire house heard me crying to my therapist this morning 😂😭😂😭 and I haven’t eaten in 3 days so they probably think my mom died or something loool

Potentially offensive toot about white ppl 

Ok but if you didn’t know my ethnicity, just from my dumb problems, wouldn’t you think I’m white lol


All my older roommates feel so bad for me... they think I’m starving... noooo I’m just depressed 😭😭it’s ok.... I’ll survive

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