I am so glad I am not a sysadmin by trade.

>Be people you know and some colleagues invested in Bitcoin years ago
>Have a lot of money in bitcoin
>Now laughing as it reaches 20K and they start withdrawing to buy expensive computer parts and VR

>Be you
>.3 XMR to your name

I'm thinking if I wipe /opt/pleroma, remove the user, remove the systemd service, but I can't figure out how to remove the DB.

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Is it possible to just completely wipe my Pleroma installation without fucking things up? 10friends.info seems better for this than the Pleroma official guide lmao.

My server is now online! I'm working on setting up a Pleroma to move to, but it's been quite a pain so that may not happen for a while. Either way I also plan on adding a privatebin.

Anyone know a good way to make wallpapers out of manga panels? There's a few I wanna do but I'm not sure how to do it.

Can someone give me a rundown of what exactly linux-hardened does over linux? Even the Arch wiki only says that it has more security measures enabled, fromw hat I know it auto-configs some SELinux stuff? What do you lose and what exactly do you gain?

I just watched an anime about game devs which reminded me that I am technically working on a game. Time to continue to stall and go watch more anime, arriverderci.

5 days since my last toot, and my server is still down. I'm kind of worried, it's almost never down this long.

Small reminder that Miku is the best Quintuplet.

Kinda glad I didn't self-host a Pleroma instance yet. My entire server just went offline and it's been down for probably uh, 24 hours or so.

Twitter went down, tomorrow I shall advocate the fediverse. All hail the fedis!

Haven't been on here in a while, got my second monitor working!

It's getting harder to advocate as I cover more topics, I can't go reiterating everything I say every day lmao.

Seems weird that a search engine advertising itself as 'the most private', and is bundled with the Tor browser would captcha Tor users.

Trying out Startpage. Not sure how I like it yet, it captcha'd me since I'm using Tor. The anonymous view as well isn't working all that well.

I learned about Juneteenth yesterday from the news.


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