Folks, I'm about to write a women-led comedy feature. More witty than gross on the humor side...

I've never written a comedy feature, but this story WANTS to be written and I need it outta my brain.

What films should I watch to help get my brain in the zone?

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@RachelSL A Philadelphia Story, The Lion in Winter, First Wives Club, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, Adam’s Rib, Moonstruck, Harold and Maude.

In looking at that top of the head list it occurs to me that I adore Katharine Hepburn’s comedic roles…

The first one that came to mind: Booksmart. A hilarious (and serious) buddy comedy with the two leading roles being played by women. Check it out!

@xleo thank you! A lot of people have rec’s that one and I found it on Hulu, so it’s definitely on the list!

Alice derides Gertrude's poetic ambitions: they won't pay the rent. Time passes, they split, Gertrude gets a job as a faux-French maid (playing dress-up when the boss isn't around). Alice meets Gert (in furs) on the street. Gert pretends poetry made her rich. Hijinks ensue!
Depression-era class divide!
White people expressing joy by appropriating Black culture!
Water bombs (men as agents of chaos)!
All in under 20 mins.
Raucous but not gross.

@RachelSL Comedy feature you say... More witty than gross you say... Take my money!

@RachelSL Aside from the aforementioned 'Booksmart' and 'Spy' I highly recommend 'Plan B,' directed by Natalie Morales.

Other great recs:
- 9 To 5
- Little
- Sister Act
- The Hustle
- Troop Beverly Hills
- Bad Moms
- Isn't It Romantic

Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Sister Act 1 & 2
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Auntie Mame (1958 version)
Legally Blonde
A League of Their Own
Pride and Prejudice (1995 miniseries)
Nine to Five
Big Business (1988)

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