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I was trying to find a great privacy friendly alternative to cloudflare DNS which is also free. I found one -

As per my research it's really great and also works well. But I am open to hear about others too!

Which ones do you prefer? Why or why not?

Note-taking apps have the opportunity to access your most personal information.
Only a fool would make a blunder as to reveal such information.

You should probably ditch proprietary note taking apps like Google Keep, MS One note, Evernote, Notion among others.

Here are some open source alternatives. - - @joplinapp -

SecureDrop is an open source submission system that organisations can use to accept documents from anonymous sources (like whistleblowers) in a secure way. It was created by Aaron Swartz and is now administered by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

After your phone, network routers are the most invasive piece of technology. They know who connects where and how long they connect for. They may even monitor unencrypted connections. Worst of all, their firmware isn't open source.

OpenWrt is a good alternative. Check if your router is compatible.

Does the jurisdiction of a service provider matter if the service is based on a protocol or a decentralized network? It should, of course, be open source and verifiable.


Tor - - @torproject

SessionApp - - @session

Jami - - @Jami

Would you prefer tweaking Firefox for privacy or use some other browser like Ungoogled Chromium?

Don't trust conventional cloud companies?

OnionShare lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network. -

Or you can host some analytics your self 😎

Ackee - -

Umami - -

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Use these privacy respecting analytics 🧐

Plausible - - @plausible

Fathom - -

SimpleAnalytics - -

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Are you still using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel for web analytics? 🤦‍♂️

You should probably read the thread below 👇

Self hosting is the best way to ensure privacy and security of your data. But, people with less technical knowledge are often left out. To make your self hosting journey easier try these...

1. YonoHost - - @yunohost

2. Cloudron - / -

3. Freedom Box - - @freedomboxfndn

Tip #12

If you require a zero-trust data storage solution. Perhaps @nextcloud is the place for you!

- Open Source
- Self hosted
- Apps for desktop and mobile
- Sever side encryption or E2EE
- Hundreds of nextcloud apps from email and calendar to Mind Maps

Own your data like your private property.

Woo Hoo! The first issue of Renew Privacy is sent to the subscribers 🎉

Read it here - and subscribe too! ✉️

Renew Privacy runs on donations. If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Flattr - 💰

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