Tip #8

Ditch MS Office ❌

Use LibreOffice πŸŽ‰ - @libreoffice -


- Free
- Open Source
- Doesn't track your activity
- Community and donations driven
- Very well documented
- Values your time rather than pursuing corporate interests

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@RenewPrivacy @libreoffice thank you for the tip. I'm using it already, on Ubuntu, and I'm a fan, so no disrespect intended with this question : you state Libre Office does not track your activity. Without programming skills, how am I to be sure of that? I've spent some time on their website perusing documentation but I could not find an independent security assessment or mention of that subject. Am I looking at the wrong place?


The fact is, I read that a long time ago on some forum. It also featured some links and a thorough explanation, but I am unable to find it at this time.

Also, there isn't much debate on the subject - libreoffice track its users/ - is one link I found.

You weren't looking in the wrong place, either. The only remaining option was to log my network activity, which I did and noticed that none of the libre office apps established any connections.

@RenewPrivacy @bart We're not a company – we have no need to "track" users in any way! We're an open source, community project. We don't "track" anyone. Of course, there are some situations where you may want to share some data with our community, eg in a crash report, but that's optional.

@libreoffice @RenewPrivacy Yeah, I understand your not a company. And that as such there is no obvious need to track users. Just wondering how you keep track of all the lines of code 'floating around'. Suppose someone would think it would be a good idea to keep track of how many times a new feature was used, let's say even for debugging purposes, anonymously? I mean, you keep track of the number of downloads on your website, so such a need is understandable. Does the community review itself?

@bart @RenewPrivacy Like in all free and open source projects: it's extremely hard for anyone to introduce deliberately bad things into code, when thousands of eyeballs are looking at it! If that's what you mean by "review", then it's happening all the time, with every source code change!

@libreoffice @RenewPrivacy Awesome! And respect for what to me seems a difficult task. As you might gather, I haven't got much experience with how open source communities work, so thank you for your answer.

@bart @RenewPrivacy No problem, and glad we could help! These are important questions that come up in the world of free and open source software πŸ‘

@RenewPrivacy Hey, thanks for getting back on it. No outside network activity seems like a good proof of no tracking to me.
The 'debate' on reddit is indeed quite small. When someone just says 'No' as an answer to a legitimate question i wonder: is this person knowledgeably convinced, or can they just not imagine open source tracking you? I would agree that sounds weird, but measuring is knowing :-) cheers

Yes, I agree with you. Without looking at the source code, you asked, whether there was a way to tell if it collected data. Logging the network activity, in my opinion, is a good indicator since, even if some data is recorded, it will only be useful to libre office if it is transmitted somewhere. The next step in confirming the tracking would be to inspect the code.

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