Whoever said that 64-bit is more reliable/stable than 32-bit is full of crap. If 64-bit was the end all be all than every device would have done switched. Nope. They're still using 32-bit.

Also, I'm a big proponent for buying refurbed/used items to reduce e-waste. I tend to just have better experience with buying refurbed/used items.

I got a question for the folks here on mastodon. Is it sad when someone associates a brand name with the word "proprietary"? Because whenever I hear names like Sony or Apple, I immediately hear that in my head.

I noticed the Backrooms hitting mainstream on the internet and that many ppl don't understand what that "place" even is. Basically, it's a hyperdimensional structure.

I recommend everyone here reads the short story, "And he built a crooked house" by Robert A. Heinlein to understand the Backrooms better.

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@Richstjr In Russia, children were scared of this logo, which was before the beginning of our analogue of the Wheel of Fortune.

I got a question for folks here on Mastodon. Were you scared of the THX Deep Note as a kid? I was. Thats why I'd reach for the mute button. For those in the younger generation who don't know what a Deep Note is. It's this:

I'm going to come out and say it. I consider Tw*tt*r to be obsolete and is due any day now to become another Myspace.

Originally asked on Pleroma, but no one seem interested, so asking here.

I have a question for everyone. Why is it that we see few works in media about yotta-structures and infinitely huge buildings/places? Is it just not a popular subject? I mean, I could be wrong since we have the Backrooms. I find the idea of good vs bad to be utterly played out. I like the idea of exploring infinitely (or near infinitely) huge places to be more interesting.

I found this little cat video on imgur and I just have to share it. I don't care if it is a little cringey, I find it adorable and funny.

The video has been converted to webm from mp4 (to make it a little smaller in file size).

This is probably my first time ever posting on mastodon (or any social media in general).

I really have no idea what to say except I love how much faster mastodon and pleroma are compared to bloated tw*tt*r.

P.S. Love the cat pics. 👍


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