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2022 is set up to be a huge year for me, with great challenges ahead.

I'll be showing my next game, which will be the first entirely of my own design, & wholly owned 🦑

Also, all being well, this summer our family will be growing again 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕

Someone at @netflix truly gets indie games.

Signing content from @subsetgames & @OjiroFumoto shows insight, & is the reason why I'm subbing for the first time.

Catching up on University Challenge.

New tricolore flag question format is fan-flipping-tastic!

- 3 country silhouettes with tricolore flags
- Guess the countries & their flags' colours
- 1 colour band from each flag contributes to a 4th tricolore
- Guess that flag's country!

The wee man loves Despicable Me 3 so much, sometimes we sit in the car once we've parked, & finish watching the whole film 😅

Which movies are/were hits with your kids?

I could spend every waking hour designing controller layouts for Steam games.

I ❤️ it

I primarily play on Steam Deck or Link, & 9/10 times create a better controller config than the official/default layout.

All of these summer rugby internationals have been absolute fire

2nd half of Argentina v Scotland is high quality, try-line to try-line stuff!

Can't find a way of reading a UE5 Material Instance's variables from the GPU (e.g. BaseColor).

So, having to move my dynamic colour blending to the CPU.

Porting the colour palette stored in a 2D Texture to a Data Asset, which contains a 2D array. Bonus: can be updated in Editor

I'm having my first normal, working week in ages, & it feels amazing!

It can all change in an instant with kids, but our sleep's improved, I'm getting more hours at my workstation, & I've even exercised.

The fog's parted, I remember that I flippin' ❤️ making games 😊

Tiny Rebel's non-alcoholic Clwb Tropica is fab 🍺

Alcohol free beers are often light on taste, as they're brewed for a shorter time. But, the tropical flavour notes bulk out this IPA nicely.

Iechyd da! 🍻

I intentionally try to be positive & highlight things that I love.

This month has been extremely challenging though.

Our brand new wee ma'am is in good health, & so is mum. Otherwise, it's been a truly awful few weeks for me.

Sharing to show that we all have troughs. I'm real.

Sometimes I remember that if I have an egg, flour, butter & sugar, I can just make a cake, right there & then.

Who's going to stop me? No-one, that's who.

It takes all my strength not to get out of bed & go to the kitchen.

Mae'r alban gyda ni 🙂

Hirddydd Haf Hapus!


Since having the kids, I've gotten back into Mini Milks in a big way.

Taping one of each flavour together to make a "Neapolitan Revolver" = WIN

Not even slightly ashamed.

My Steam Deck performance config, to prevent fan noise:

Half Rate Shading - Enabled

Thermal Power (TDP) Limit - 3 Watts

Manual GPU Clock Control - Enabled

GPU Clock Frequency - 200

Scaling Filter - Integer

+ `echo 0 > sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/boost` on boot

Xbox Game Pass is going hard.

Looking at those games announced today & I'm impressed (N.B. Silksong is must-play for me).

However, I'm not left feeling as though the Game Pass stable will satisfy all of my gaming wants.

Perhaps total attention capture isn't Microsoft's strat?

Parenthood: the equivalent of being immunosuppressed, an unpaid carer, & having a sleep disorder

Man, having a newborn asleep on you is the best 🤱💕

This is all to say:

Old lady, don't get huffy with me because I take 30 seconds longer than you deem necessary, assessing my yoghurt options in the supermarket, with my spawn trying to open every pack of butter in the aisle!


When I have childcare arranged, in order to do my job, those 8 hours of challenging, technical work are sweet relief.

Once you have children, your working hours are a break.

If your toddler is sleeping well, you might have your sleep broken just once. Regular developmental leaps, teething & illness will disturb their sleep, & you can expect to attend them 3-6 times in the night.

Parenting a toddler is a 14.5h day, 7d a week, 365d a year.

That is your undivided attention. No looking at your phone, no letting your mind wander, no energy expended on yourself (save remembering to eat).

If they nap in a safe place, you may have up to 90 minutes of focus.

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