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2022 is set up to be a huge year for me, with great challenges ahead.

I'll be showing my next game, which will be the first entirely of my own design, & wholly owned 🦑

Also, all being well, this summer our family will be growing again 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕

Where are we at with fabricating small, detailed pieces of plastic at home now?

Kids' things are made of plastic. Plastic is, well... plastic? Kids break plastic.

I'd like to 3D scan & print replacement parts.

N.B. Preferential to whole unit rebuys, & tears over failed gluings

Despite being infatuated with games most of my life, & a professional gamedev for 12yrs, I still have no idea when to introduce them to my children.

Any robust research on that?

My instinct is to wait, to let IRL creative play & social play take root first.

I started ~8yo IIRC

Stopped in my tracks by the heat this afternoon...

Harryhausen's 1963 classic, Jason and the Argonauts on the box?


Between the low fidelity of the film that it's shot on, & the brilliant, but rough, stop-motion VFX, your mind is given room to engage your imagination.

Watching preseason NFL.

Unreasonably excited.


The meta progression that hooks me in Into the Breach is the per-squad achievements.

Yes, they unlock further squads, which are valuable content, but they also act as a tutorial for each squad.

You have to think about how to use the squad's weapons in new ways, to play better.

I've always found it more useful to categorise gamedevs by team size*, than to use a subjective descriptor 🤷‍♂️

*Peak production team size, including contractors, before initial release. i.e. Take a look at the credits at launch, discounting marketing, localisation, publisher

A gut check indicates that maybe enough years have passed for me to rewatch Halt and Catch Fire.

This is very exciting news.

Must have been a conference last year where tech companies reached a consensus that "free users" shouldn't be a thing anymore.

- Google Apps retired their free, single-user plan
- Slack will allow only 90 days of message history for free users
- GitLab deleting 1yo static repos

After 6 years of not having my Android cage rattled, the reason I'll be rooting my phone is...

*checks notes*


No longer building their app against Android 8.1 & earlier (which includes the extremely popular S7).

Time to check LineageOS version compatibilities 😅

I love the process of deep-diving on real world topics, & then cherry picking & massaging that info into a design.

Today, I'm getting a low-level understanding of wave mathematics. Then, going, "Na. This approximation would work much better.".

Gotta know the rules to break 'em!

Pumped for the Commonwealth Games!

Particularly for the squash, which starts on Wednesday. Can be difficult to appreciate the shot skills if you haven't played, but the players' extreme calorie burn is written all over their faces 😅

Unfortunately, the Tunisia I simulated in Democracy 3 Africa (2016) is no longer representative.

It was a burgeoning democracy, established through popular revolution.

Tuesday's vote, to ratify sweeping presidential powers, enshrines authoritarianism in their constitution.

IMO the trickiest craft in programming is judging where to target on the "hack<->generalised" axis.

Easy to let the scope of your code creep to cater for use cases that might occur, but never do.

Ideally, your code is as specific as possible, but easily extended if returned to.


Once you detune the Steam Deck (so that it's not embarrassingly loud), it's the greatest portable indie games console ever created 🤩

Invested in a Baratza Encore coffee grinder, & wow!

I make pour-over coffee, & the consistency of the grind is fab. I've been banging out great Joe every time.

If grounds are under/over sized, your coffee will be bitter/weak. You want all your grounds consistently right sized.

New parent: "I've got to fit my chores in around childcare." 🤔

Parent 2 kids deep: "These are not chores, these are children's activities." 🌌🤯

Hoplite is one of those games that you can't play tired or drunk. It requires all of your brain.

Trying a run without your full faculties is unerringly & frustratingly doomed.

Greatest mobile game of all time.



Anyone else making their kids an S-bomb censored edit of SpaceCamp?

Just a bit of timestamping, demuxing, Dark Audacity... May as well add a subtitle track while I'm here... Hmm, could bundle everything in an MKV container...

No? Just me then 😅

The sweet sound of foliage rustling with the winds of change.

I personally favoured the "fan under the desk" approach these past couple of days.

My level of clothedness below that desk?

I leave that to the reader's imagination.

Yours Truly,
Lady Whistledownthere

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