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Text is also faster for a human to parse & index than video.

You can quickly skip through text to determine whether it's of interest.

Videos are consumed serially, at a homogenous pace.

You must wait for a video to make its point, before knowing whether it was worth watching.

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My take is vague enough that it's tantamount to simply moaning about the passage of time.

Being more analytical:

Although 140 characters can't convey as much information as a video, enforced brevity required information to be more densely packed.

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Biproduct of adding images & videos to social media posts to drive engagement:

Receiving a text-only feed in low-data areas is completely unintelligible 😅

Before embedded media was natively supported, most posts were all text.

The content was richer somehow.


I'm pleased to declare that blackberry season 2022 has officially started!

We're pulling down chonky sweet ones from tips of the highest brambles 🍓😋

My reaction to Love, Death + Robots episodes varies wildly from, *sigh* "Yuck", to, "Whoah! Interesting".

What I invariably do love though, is being presented with <15 minutes of one-off entertainment, unshackled by serialisation aspirations. High impact, bitesized, every time.

My most used Rider IDE navigation hotkeys:

F12 or Ctrl + Left-click (Go to Symbol Declaration)

Alt + \ (Go to File Members)

Crtl + Minus (Back)

Shift + F12 (Find Usages of Symbol)

Shoutouts to Alt + Enter (symbol actions menu), & Double Shift (Search) too 🙌

The urban speed limit is going to be lowered to 20mph in Wales.

Amazing news for making our cities & towns cyclable!

I gave up commuting by bike in Cardiff because its roads & drivers were so dangerous.

We've seen a hedgehog rooting around the garden during the day this past month.

Can be one of two things: they are unwell, or they're a mamma hog, grabbing a bite to eat between feeds.

Extremely happy to report hoglets sighted!

Photos courtesy of our neighbour 😍

Wishing everyone a very Merry Develop!

Heading to Brighton is normally an anchor in my annual calendar, but I won't be there this year.

Our second child, Wee Ma'am, is doing great & I'll see you next year 🤗

To mitigate Steam partitioning cloud saves per platform, you can manually force a game to run in Proton on Deck (i.e. Windows), which will cloud sync with a Windows PC.

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Finding many Steam games with cloud saving are not keeping save files in sync across platforms (e.g. Windows 10 / Steam Deck).

Turns out that Steam's Auto-Cloud functionality needs some extra developer setup for cross platform cloud saving.

Default is a save file per platform.

Someone at @netflix truly gets indie games.

Signing content from @subsetgames & @OjiroFumoto shows insight, & is the reason why I'm subbing for the first time.

Catching up on University Challenge.

New tricolore flag question format is fan-flipping-tastic!

- 3 country silhouettes with tricolore flags
- Guess the countries & their flags' colours
- 1 colour band from each flag contributes to a 4th tricolore
- Guess that flag's country!

The wee man loves Despicable Me 3 so much, sometimes we sit in the car once we've parked, & finish watching the whole film 😅

Which movies are/were hits with your kids?

I could spend every waking hour designing controller layouts for Steam games.

I ❤️ it

I primarily play on Steam Deck or Link, & 9/10 times create a better controller config than the official/default layout.

All of these summer rugby internationals have been absolute fire

2nd half of Argentina v Scotland is high quality, try-line to try-line stuff!

Can't find a way of reading a UE5 Material Instance's variables from the GPU (e.g. BaseColor).

So, having to move my dynamic colour blending to the CPU.

Porting the colour palette stored in a 2D Texture to a Data Asset, which contains a 2D array. Bonus: can be updated in Editor

I'm having my first normal, working week in ages, & it feels amazing!

It can all change in an instant with kids, but our sleep's improved, I'm getting more hours at my workstation, & I've even exercised.

The fog's parted, I remember that I flippin' ❤️ making games 😊

Tiny Rebel's non-alcoholic Clwb Tropica is fab 🍺

Alcohol free beers are often light on taste, as they're brewed for a shorter time. But, the tropical flavour notes bulk out this IPA nicely.

Iechyd da! 🍻

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