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Reintroducing myself due to a typo 🙃

Hello, world! Like many recently, I've come to Mastodon by the ~other site~ reaching a juncture that allowed me to imagine alternative venues for online interaction.

My : I'm an archaeologist with a special interest in landscapes and seascapes. As a day job, I'm a marine geophysicist but I continue to collect and process terrestrial geophysics data for my own research projects. I'm hoping to find other colleagues out there!

Working on some ground penetrating radar data with the wonderful package . The initial curve was rather high, but I'm starting to fledge!

Here's one for the and crossover fans out there! I've got a paper coming out in an edited volume which looks at the origin of the barrow-wights and the role of the mediation of memory in the mortuary archaeology of Middle-earth. Pre-orders for the volume are open, but you can read the abstract here:

Just discovered the NHK series "A Cat's Eye View" which explores "the lesser-known charms and customs of regions through the eyes of cats!" It's on the NFK app and site if you just search you can find the episodes to watch and it's extremely excellent. 😻

#RomanGlass from Carpendelo mr #Brescia. The purple and white is one of the rarer colour combinations of the first century AD, especially on blown glass, but also very effective.

Reproduction spear points & shell-tempered Mississippian period incised & punctated bowl.

The historians and film-makers behind Lady Sapiens: the Woman in Prehistory, a French book and documentary to be published in the UK in September, say they are now seeking to debunk the simplistic division of roles by highlighting advances in the study of bones, graves, art and ethnography often ignored in the public sphere.
#Archaeology #books #films #history #gender

Meanwhile, somewhere near me, a major discovery of ""pre-contact Native American mud glyph drawings":

NBC News is reporting ( on a paper that appeared in today's issue of Antiquity:

Simek, Jan F., Stephen Alvarez, and Alan Cressler. “Discovering Ancient Cave Art Using 3D Photogrammetry: Pre-Contact Native American Mud Glyphs from 19th Unnamed Cave, Alabama.” Antiquity, May 4, 2022, 1–17.

#AncientPlace #photogrammetry #RockArt #archaeology

The metal releases bot is now feeding from multiple sources.

Latest of them is #MetalArchives, which tracks very-very-very niche and underground releases.

In the future you can expect some really brutal ethos in your timeline if you're following @releasebot .

In the following weeks I'll probably make some QOL improvements outside of posting just terse release names, as some of the sources give a little more information than just artist and title. :)

So glad I found lists on Mastodon, it was getting hard keeping you all in my head

Like exploring south #Wales? Want to help create a network of walking routes that connect the region's towns, cities and landscapes?

Join Slow Ways for a special effort to see how many #SlowWays routes we can walk and review in a weekend.

Find out more:

The makers of @pixelfed, the Fediverse photo sharing platform, have just created a slick new guide to the Fediverse at:

It's got a list of Fedi projects, a list of mobile apps for Fedi platforms and an opt-in directory of people to follow.

The directory is particularly interesting as it works very differently to FediFollows or Trunk. You add hashtags to your profile plus a special extra hashtag #Fedi22, then submit your profile to the site, and it will become searchable for the tags in your profile.

(And, yes, Mastodon is part of the Fediverse, see here for details:

#FediverseInfo #Fediverse #FediTips #MastoTips

oh, further #introduction: I'm also very interested in #ArchiveEmotions: acknowledging that doing research is an embodied, ethical, emotional endeavour and that that shapes what we search for and see.

I'm intrigued how little space we make for that in our formal publications; it's confined to coffee chats, social media, blogs, etc.

On the bird site #histodons had a great conversation about that:

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For the upcoming concept album of my band Opaque Mass (previous album at, I'm writing an accompanying / story.

I'm seeking an to make (for money) for the cover featuring one pivotal character. Possibly more work featuring other characters.

Style: Lovecraftian dark, gloomy and explicitly violent, stuff and some functional nudity; no anime/manga/funny/furry

Suggestions welcome!

Change the RStudio theme from the comfort of the console:

rstudioapi::applyTheme("Solarized Dark")

You can find a list of all available @rstudio themes with:


Saves a lot of clicking around.

This stone #window is a small fragment of #medieval #architecture surviving in the walled port town of #Chepstow.

Almost hidden in the side wall, this medieval feature was retained when this town house was rebuilt in the 1700s.

#Wales #archaeology #history

: Erik Champion explains how video games can help learning in .
He asks the question of game mechanics and how these are used.
What should a consist of, if it is to teach us something?

Level 10 ecologist: Plant trees to help climate change
Level 50 ecologist: Restore ecosystems with large predators so that tree saplings can grow naturally
Level 9001 ecologist: Release lions on golf courses

One or two accounts regularly posting things that don't interest you is manageable, but the more you add, the easier it is to lose the signal in the noise. With no algorithm working to keep you addicted, it's easy to let your Home timeline get overrun. Follow freely, but also be ready to unfollow for basic quality of life reasons. The Federated timeline can be overwhelming, but your Home timeline shouldn't be. You have to tend it like a garden, and a little pruning goes a long way. #feditips

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