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This is a penny of King Æthelberht II of East Anglia (r. AD 779-794), This coin dates from the time when there were multiple kingdoms in England (and indeed Wales). There was frequent competition between them, even warfare. At this time, Offa of Mercia was overlord of much of England south of the River Humber, so an underking issuing coins styling himself 'Rex' (King) was an unforgivable show of insubordination, so Offa ordered him killed.


Coin details:
Ruler: Æthelberht II
Type: Æthelberht of East Anglia, light penny coinage, N 431
Mint: East Anglia
Moneyer: Lul/Lulla
Moneyer name on coin: LUL
Weight: 1.31g
Findspot: Pevensey area
Found: 3 March 2014


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