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Since are a thing here, I might as well make my own . 🙋🏻‍♂️👋🏻

My name is Andrew, but most people call me Drew (either is fine). I'm a . I have a cat named Noodle that I sometimes post pics of. I suffer from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which causes me to need plenty of naps.

My interests are , , , , , , and .

I also enjoy creating content (especially stage designs) and family friendly streaming on .

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He's 50% done, but I think it's best to set him up here today as I've decided to staple today this Snail's little birthday...
...for certain reasons.

Why is he 50%?
Well... he can't move... at all yet. Let's say he's petrified that I've gotten the look at least completed.

Also, a few tweaks needed to be done on the wings. Nothing major.

The eyes are placeholders (They're Kirby's eyes if you can't tell) and just a placement for @SapphireDrew to decide how much bigger or smaller to make it.

It always makes me happy to see Noodle relaxing on my bed. He's so cute, I can never get enough of him.

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As expected, the update threw a lot of my settings out the window and I need to reconfigure some stuff, I appreciate your patience, we'll try to be ready shortly...

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OBS just pushed a major version update (28.0), so there may be some technical issues. I appreciate your patience if we run into any. Meanwhile, I need to make sure everything needed to run Special will actually work this year...

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Our surprise game is... 🥁

Super Mario Bros. Special!

Hudson made a Mario game?! That's right! I'm not surprised that you haven't heard of it, after all, these are the TRULY Lost Levels!

Nintendo and Hudson had a very strong friendship, and long, long ago, Nintendo gave Hudson the keys to the kingdom... the Mushroom Kingdom, and allowed them to make their own Mario game with great levels but for VERY painfully bad hardware!

Stream will begin in about 15 minutes.

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So, about our *Special* announcement.

Summer doesn't officially end this year until Sept. 22nd. And that means we have one last *Special* game to stream for our "Summer of Hudson" event!

Can you guess what it is? 😉

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I'd like to thank everyone for accompanying me during our "Summer of Hudson" streaming event. It was lots of fun, except for having to cram most of August into a single week due to health and technical issues causing me to fall severely behind schedule.

Will we do it again next year? Probably, as I would like to get recordings with better playthroughs and ideally no coughing every few minutes.

We do have one last *special* stream coming up before Summer officially ends though. Stay tuned... 😉✌🏻

We're going to be streaming the final Adventure Island game in the series in just a few moments - Adventure Island: The Beginning.

I know, how can the end be "the beginning"? Well, Hudson was rebooting the franchise when they sadly went out of business shortly after its release.

This month has been incredibly rough for me, and I apologize for every stream this month going completely off schedule, but at least we're seeing it through instead of giving up and cancelling.

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People on disability get told they’re “leeching off hard-working American taxpayers”, but not billionaires who never pay taxes, because already having wealth is considered a virtue to be rewarded with more wealth, and poverty is a vice to be punished with more poverty.

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US peeps: If your income is at or below 200% of FPL (or you rely on SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, SSI, FPHA, VA Pension/Survivor, Free/Reduced School Lunch, certain Tribal Assistance programs, etc) the Affordable Connectivity Program can help with your internet bill ⤵️

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In destroying content libraries, Warner/HBO is using a publishing trick.

Because of the way intellectual property is valued and taxed across much of the English-speaking world, insufficiently profitable property is more profitable out-of-print than bringing in cash.

I could do this too. Here's a vastly simplified example.

Let's take my Prohibition Orcs. What's the value of PO? Well, there's the film rights, the TV rights, audiobook rights, branded fedoras... This is such an innovative property, for a few grand I can easily hire an outside evaluator to tell me it should be worth, say, fifty million.

I claim PO on my taxes as worth fifty million dollars.

PO fails to live up to that. Nobody even buys the branded liquor rights, even though that's a no-brainer.

So I take the product off the market, and write off a fifty million dollar loss.

"It can't be this blatant," people think. But it can. Every IP-related industry lobbied for these laws. This is part of why tech is so profitable, because surely the new game is worth top dollar.

The catch is, only a certain kind of person can do this and sleep well at night.

The tax system is Dungeons & Dragons, except the dragons wrote the rules.

This, by the way, is why publishers won't bring back so much of the out-of-print blacklist. Internally, they value all those vanished first novels at a bajillion dollars, and resurrecting them would require un-writing-off those losses.

Under current tax code, creators are more valuable dead than alive.

Some publishers/distributors play the game fair, and have deep backlists. But if it's a big conglomerate, like HBO or Randy Penguin? It's sociopathy all the way down. Remember, it's not about making money; it's about the quarterly statement, and massive deductions are a win there.

Venting, opinion on sensitive topic 

I lost tons of respect for them upon finding that profile, asking if they were cheating on their partner, and then finding out from both of them that they're completely onboard with each other freely giving themselves emotionally and physically to anyone they want, whenever they want.

IMO, marriage is meant to be special, exclusive, for life and even the afterlife (if you believe in one). This isn't a marriage; it's a joke; a farce, a selfish parody of love.

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Venting, opinion on sensitive topic 

Two acquaintances I know have recently been prattling on about their plans to celebrate their marriage with a IRL wedding since covid restrictions are mostly gone; but the thing is, they're both polyamorous and freely seeking sexual relations with whomever they meet on Bumble (I stumbled upon their profiles).

That's not a marriage to me. That's "Friends With Benefits". People who love each other enough to want to marry shouldn't want intimacy with anyone else.

Between internet troubles where a $300 router I bought from my ISP was actively sabotaging me with device level throttling; medical issues, insurance issues, etc., we're going to TRY to get the final month of our Summer of event back on track by pushing myself to do daily streams (if I can force my body to cooperate) until we're caught up.


NOW! With a grand tour of Adventure Island 2 (NES) featuring ALL 80 Stages!

If I stream today, it probably won't be until late as I have insurance stuff to straighten out... Thanks American healthcare... 🙄

Almost done routing Adventure Island 2 in a way that allows playing all 80 levels (the average player will normally encounter around 50 during any given playthrough)

After that, if I want any hope of completing the stream theme of this month, I'll probably have to cram with daily streams and no rest... 😵‍💫

I love listening to the cicadas here. That is all.

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