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fun fact: knitting & crochet patterns do not exist just to sell yarn.

they have value of their own, & a tonne of it at that.

until folks stop seeing them as a means to an end & start seeing them for the brilliant technical & educational works of art they are, we'll get nowhere.

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Our history is one of Cultural Genocide,State Assimilation Policy inflicting intergeneration trauma on us resulting in 11% of all our deaths being by suicide. 82% of us impacted by suicide. Please RT we need as many allies standing with us May 31st 12noon outside our Dáil. ❤ twitter.com/TravellersMH/statu

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Just want to drop by the timeline to say that chronic illness isn't only tragic when it happens to formerly athletic high achievers, it ruins your life no matter how inactive you previously were, you don't have to have been successful before you got sick for it to matter.

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This seems like a good time to say I've started a new job at @KidsBooksIrel as Book Gifting Assistant and honestly it's all just a pure dream. I'm so excited for this work with the loveliest team and the BOTYA were the best way to start it all 🖤 twitter.com/KidsBooksIrel/stat

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We all hear stories like this of towns being shut down to stop the menace of the traveller funeral, halting sites being invaded by armed guards, the other daily indignities. I shouldn't be shocked but I am at how brazen it was in front of 100s of passengers in @DublinAirport

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There were loads of travellers forced to walk back through the airport and leave, some were talking amongst themselves about how they'd see their children that they were due to fly and see, others trying to calm each other, some just angry which they are more than entitled to be

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There were more police in the bar towards the end of the concourse who seemed to take over the shuttered bar which is when I got in trouble for recording this racist police operation

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Here are photos I mages to save by whatsapping them first to somebody. Big group of guards removing maybe five travellers from the airport smoking area after searching and stealing their duty free drink, escorting them, larger group of cops assembled at the 10X gates

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Ended up doing it even though I don't know if they have these powers but of course there are these angry pigs intimidating you so what can you do. Have heard of other people having their phones taken by airport cops before without cause but they still have your phone for 6 months

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Seems Cian saw me getting the fifth degree from the airport police, my partner says she saw him when I showed her this tweet, small world. They said they'd seize my phone and also that they'd tell the airline I'm not fit to board unless I deleted stuff

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I was taking video of it but got harassed by airport police who used their bylaws to insist I delete the footage. I said no but they said I'd be denied boarding if I didn't comply which I'd be all for usually but had a regular person who doesn't like hassle with me lol

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They insisted every Traveller they could find leave the airport without boarding their plane. Saw no hassle out of any of the travellers at any point other than being as upset as you'd imagine at being profiled and policed out of proportion to the rest of the passengers.

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Just witnessed a police action in Dublin airport where they came to the airside smoking area and stole duty free drink from a group of Travellers (as in the ethnicity). They escorted them to their gate where there was a massive police mob including armed guards.

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Very large contingent of Gardaí doing some big clear out at gates in T1 of the airport.

They're hassling people who have taken photos - directing them to delete them.

Anyone know what if any power they might be relying on?

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2. Use high quality tight fitting masks. For recommendations go to @projectn95
3. If you get COVID for at least 10 days or until you have two consecutive negative rapid antigen tests, and...

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Pro-tip: Jesus would want you to use your power as a lawmaker to act to stop gun violence in Uvalde instead of quoting Bible versus while taking money from the NRA. twitter.com/TonyGonzales4TX/st

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Just a reminder - you can support your favorite Black, LGBTQIA+, and AAPI-owned brands for FREEEEEE.

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Honestly, for the fourth anniversary of , we'd love to hear from some of you who marched, canvassed, flyered, or helped in any other way. There is so much to be done before we get the abortion rights we fought for, and they're not going to be handed to us on a plate!

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At a time when every single long-term rental unit potentially prevents a family from becoming homeless, we need to see at the very minimum the enforcement of existing regulations on Airbnb and others in the short-term letting market – @EOBroin

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People saying “we shouldn’t let kids see cartoons where kissing is involved” forget the unbelievable aggressive rapey antics of Pepe Le Pew who genuinely didn’t accept ‘no means no’ EVERY EPISODE - was I the only one uncomfortable by this? He scared me a wee bit as a kid

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