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It’s almost time for the hunt to begin! 🏹 Will the villagers defeat The Beast? 💖

We’re live in 15mins! ⏰

Twitch.tv/D8Dungeon ⚔️

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Who’s ready for a OneShot Night Stand tonight? 😍

We’re going to be playing The Beast by @gshowitt and @TheMaddigan! 👹

D8’s own @TelepathNarwhal, @_treadsoftly_ & @Eiley_Cyrus will be joined by very special guest ✨@Sharrow_irl✨ live from 8PM! 💖

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Budding journalist? If you’re a recent graduate or in the early stages of your career, The Irish Times Group would like to hear from you.

Scan the QR code to apply or visit: irishtimes.com/student-hub/202

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President Joe Biden addresses the nation after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade:

"Let's be very clear. The health and life of women in this nation are now at risk."

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Believe the hype, @TravisBaldree’s Legends and Lattes is truly THAT GOOD! I’m not usually one for high fantasy, but I AM a sucker for all things cozy, and THIS book marries the two together perfectly (and it's sapphic). My own pair of cozy cats love it too notanovelconcept.com/legends-l

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It's finally here, something I've been hoping for my whole life, my debut album Solace is now finally available on vinyl! It's a dream come true to hold the disk in my hand and hear my cello through the warm familiar sound of a 12 inch vinyl LP

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Ha, in the Seanad debate on the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1993 @SenDavidNorris in response to Fine Gael's illiberal proposal to have an unequal age of consent suggested the age of consent to join FG should be raised to 25 😂 twitter.com/Lamhfada/status/15

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Thank you so much to the Galway Advertiser publishing this story I wrote about my amazing Nana,she is strong woman who went through so much in her life and I couldn't be more proud to be her granddaughter: it was an honor to share your story 💜
Page 24!

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A basic organizing guide for @iww’s amazing AEIOU model.

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@Vinncent Be prepared out there, comrades ✊

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Wearing my official pride merch to see @Hannahgadsby

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⚡️ Zelensky on Ukraine's EU candidate status: "It's a victory. Now, we will defeat the enemy, rebuild Ukraine, become a EU member state, and then – we will finally rest."

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Coming soon to podcasting places near you, Lore By Night Productions presents "Pride Podcast Bi Night", a special queer as fuck Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition oneshot.

Stay tuned for more info! twitter.com/LoreByNightVTM/sta

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TONIGHT! FREE! Online! Me and very funny, very smart @TheGinaBarreca will talk about my book, Very Funny Ladies! And we will talk about humor and women. Join us! @rjjulia @NewYorker 6pm, ET, register here: rjjulia.com/event/virtual-liza

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This is the most important event happening this summer. I strongly encourage you all to attend. @DubTrans

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EP1 of Rime Of The Frostmaiden starts in 10mins on our Twitch!

The party comes together for the first time as a string of grisly murders sweeps the Ten Towns.

Join our talented DM Craig as he pits his players against the perils of the Frozen North!


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