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Could not be prouder of my best friend for his debut novel! 🎉🎉🎉

Go read it. It is beyond incredible. twitter.com/ConnerHabib/status

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We spoke to Kevin Ennis, talent brand lead at @Accenture_Irl, about how the company is using new technologies in its recruitment and onboarding strategies siliconrepublic.com/careers/me

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The core problem is societal. We need to teach people not to objectify others based on appearance, rather than police individuals' clothing choices. But the policy itself is about *companies* putting staff in sexualized outfits to sell product, which becomes problematic fast.

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I think it's also worth noting that the "Booth Babe Policy" *specifically* applies to exhibitors. I don't cosplay but I haven't seen/heard of any similar restrictions placed on cosplayers or on general attire. I've seen people walk around in skimpy clothes/costumes without issue.

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The policy is to prevent *companies* from selling their products with sex appeal. I agree that the real focus should be on anti-harassment policies re: *everyone's* behavior, but I also think reducing objectifying marketing tactics in the expo hall is good. There's nuance.

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In the early days of PAX East alone, companies had pretty intense Hooters-adjacent booth staff in booty shorts + halter tops. Riot had incredibly sexualized statues of female League characters with cleavage/butts. After LOTS of complaints, the "booth babe" policy was implemented.

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For folks just learning about PAX's "booth babe" policy: it applies to all PAX events, not just PAXU, and it's also been in place for almost a decade. It's a policy that ultimately puts responsibility on booths vs. a stronger harassment policy but it didn't come out of nowhere.

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What happened to the consultation of pedestrianising Parliament street . The summer is here finally , we would like to open the street for the summer months at least at weekends until this finally happens please . @CllrMickDuff @DannyByrneFG @DubCityCouncil @hazechu

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What a different world I live in. The top 10 kids books in Eason’s contains THREE books about a boy who falls in love with another boy. Wow. instagr.am/p/Cftf8ASMC1J/ (Follow my Instagram ift.tt/rAVoxWg)

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Anyone any info on Dublin based TYA performers/Storytellers/children's entertainers who speak Ukrainian for a community welcome event?

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Do I happen to know any pigeon experts?

A pigeon got into my roof and hatched eggs. The ceiling doesn’t have supports a person can stand on to retrieve the nest.

So if you know something about how to entice tiny pigeons towards a giant hole in the ceiling, please help.

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Traveling cross country in Ireland to access abortion care impossible for some for many reasons- money, mobility, job...
2018: Ex-Health Min. Harris said abortion services to be available irrespective of ability to pay/geography.
More primary care & hospital providers needed.

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Will have pre-release copies of Into Shadow to bring to @Octocon
@Sharrow_irl would you like one?

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Farcical at this stage.
Irish government completely owned, afraid to empower a properly independent regulator. twitter.com/cearta/status/1545

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"Wait, wait... und you know the funniest thing about it? They'll have to continue for years to pretend that his idea to leave the EU was good for the country..."

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Apropos of nothing, Eid at Croke Park preperations have been temporarily paused. But you can still get your free tickets at muslimcouncil.ie

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Aungier St is a compelling argument for why Dublin has plenty of utterly unused space in the city centre. An entire side of a street, derelict

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Remember people voted Brexit because they were against having politicians that we couldn't get rid of? 😅

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