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My buddy who has always had an elite lvl of fitness i.e (triathlons, bike racing, marathons), you name it he did it.
He just died from covid. We worked together for years and he was one of my favorite guys. He was 50... RIP Julian.

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I find it absolutely striking to what extent the broadsheet media are content to operate more or less as an industry mouthpiece in this regard. The worker perspective is given in one sentence at the end as an afterthought.

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My book somehow made it into the Seattle Public Library system @SPLBuzz and that's just frankly the neatest thing. ♥️♥️♥️📘

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Portraits will be taken by Peter Cavanagh Photography and to take part, contact / 01 205 4893

More info available here:


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As part of @AfricaDay and @dlrcc Festival of Inclusion in October 2022, the Social Inclusion Unit is looking for people from African countries and/or of African Heritage living in DLR to take part in our African Portraits Exhibition (1/2)

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Supermac's owner & other landlords are evicting tenants including families - over 100 people-from their homes in apartments in Limerick.
To try get higher rents.
The families & others have no where to go to.
There's no where else to rent.
Hear their story;

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That is why it is important to support journalism that does it right like @noteworthy_ie and @DublinInquirer

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Ricky Gervais has never been funny.

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this weekend at the bathhouse we had several customers ask about monkeypox, which I think hits right at this point: gay men are proactively looking for the info they need to make informed decisions and reduce risks for themselves and their partners.

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You know what I cannot stand? People in publishing directing a torrent of hatred at specific trans people purely for showing up and being themselves at industry events. It's absolutely fucking disgusting, and the industry keeps letting them get away with it.

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This decision from the Court of Appeal reveals real weaknesses in the DPC's office recognition of the breadth of the definition of Personal Data.

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Let’s keep playing.

@AnnalsofIM “study.”

Number of times mentioned:

“Hypoxia” = 0
“Perfusion” = 0
“Stroke” = 0
“Dysautonomia” = 0
“Tachycardia” = 0
“Myocarditis” = 0
“Pericarditis” = 0

“Depression” = 12

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Only the most fashionable people are invited to this party.

I am live online with @casskhaw in 20 minutes to chat about Glitterati, Glamour and the Grotesque! Free to watch, tickets below:

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Once it looked like SF was likely to win more seats than the DUP, Sir Jeffrey started the DUP boycott of the Assembly over the NIP. He won’t go back until it’s fixed. He hasn’t defined ‘fixed’. Then came the election.

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