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ESB Group had an operating profit of €679 million in 2021, increase of €63 million on 2020.

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This is what Electric Ireland says will happen to bills from August 👇

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More fuel price hikes.

Electric Ireland are putting up their electricity bills by 10.9%, and gas bills by 29.2%, from August.


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Happy Birthday Miss Harry @BlondieOfficial 😎

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Dublin Comic Con is 5 weekends away and we would like you to help at it!
Want to become a volunteer at the show on Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th of August?
If you think you would like to get involved just fill out the volunteer application online.
Link in reply below...

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"1 million homes in Ireland have the roof space and orientation suitable for the installation of 10 solar panels"
This is precisely what Govt should push for right now to reduce reliance on fossil fuels,cut energy bills, + lower emissions. A win-win-win!

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One more sleep until our 2022 @FIH_Hockey World Cup begins ☘ @IreWomenHockey @irishhockey

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A 3-month public information campaign is now underway, to allow people to register their contact preferences. ℹ️

This campaign will include an information booklet being sent to every household in the country 🏘️, and will have a local, national and international focus.

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I have signed the commencement order for the Birth Information and Tracing Act 2022.

From today, people can apply to the Contact Preference Register, which enables them to express their contact preferences, seek or share information with a relative.


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Train ticket to Cork: €71.20
Seats to sit on: 0

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The HSE says it is urging all those who are eligible to make an appointment to get their COVID-19 vaccine or booster injection.

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João joined us as a KP, but after getting his work permit & visa plus lots of hard work & determination from his end is now Chef d’Partie & got DISH OF THE WEEK from Char

Absolutely chuffed for him, since starting, he did his own Kp work whilst constantly watching the chefs

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Delighted to say we have increased capacity for performance by Martin Beanz Warde of his in development work ‘The Dead House’Mon July 18th 8pm @HawksWellSligo. Get tickets here. Tickets free&we will have collection for @northweststop.

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Very enjoyable day painting with my eldest son Finn for the @DublinCanvas project. The great Willie Bermingham a native of Emmet Rd, Inchicore whose work for the poor and helpless of Dublin was pioneering. Founder of Alone and Dublin Fireman. @DubCityCouncil @DubFireBrigade

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British people! While you rage about the USA - women in England are arrested for accessing abortion pills. NI seekers have to fly to GB after 10weeks, Scottish abortion seekers have to go to English clinics. Sort out your own back yard!

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My kingdom for news outlets to stop saying "underage women" when there is no such thing -- those are girls, you can call them "girls" -- and "sexually abused" when they mean "raped."

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If you are okay with having Muslim, Jewish and Hindu students sit through a Christian prayer in public school, and not okay with having Christian students sit through a Muslim, Jewish or Hindu prayer, then it’s NOT religious freedom- it’s religious oppression.

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I think about that a lot.

They made up a story to smear trans people with, something that to this day a lot of people still believe was true because retractions never get the same attention, and it still adds to the stigma we face. Not just misinformation. Malinformation.

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