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It’s a nightmare when people don’t abide by legally binding commitments, so it is.

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I don't care what anyone says, this is cool AF!! Make prescription glasses (wore contacts for many years and hated them, lol) that do the same thing and I'll pre-order myself a pair in a heartbeat.

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Last time someone built a database and put my children in it, they had to change the law three times and then the Minister lost her seat after threatening to defund the education of 5 year olds.

Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough, GeoDirectory.

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Two state bodies have built a marketing profiling database for every person living in the country, and are selling it to anyone. It's being used to assess creditworthiness amongst other things. And they simply deny the law applies to them when questioned. It's blatent and basic.

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Incidentally, the rather light tone of the original essay, which I favour as a way of addressing complicated misbehaviour by the state, may hide the fact that I am really annoyed at this nonsense from @AnPostvox and will not let this go.

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I guess we'll see which of us is correct in our assessment of their compliance with the law.

My thought? It won't be the person whose CEO signs themself the "Data Controller", instead of the "Data Protection Officer".

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Well, An Post GeoDirectory came back and said that they did not accept that they were processing any personal data relating to me or my children.

So I have made an 18 page complaint regarding their data processing under Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR and the ePrivacy Regs.

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We all have so much deeply ingrained stigma to unlearn. We can be patient with ourselves and each other. We hold unconditional love and compassion for all of us.

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Having to travel 2 hours (and only on Wednesdays 🙄) to have my wheelchair fixed is one of the many hidden costs of having a disability. The @SocDems are bringing a motion forward next week that will propose a €20 pw payment and an increase in DA by €15 🙌

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Blaming queer and trans people for conservative attacks on abortion is ignorant, inaccurate and cowardly.
Fascists don’t make gains because minority groups ‘provoke’ them by existing. They make gains by exploiting public discomfort and pandering to fear of minority groups.

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We're taking a look at a selection of courses designed to help you improve your confidence, knowledge and skills for the workplace.

Read our blog about professional development utilizing the Great Courses:

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"Domineering, inflexible, cagey, antagonistic, sometimes violent, and often religiously sanctimonious, the character of the typical transphobe as suggested by research is not particularly endearing"

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From today, parents leave and benefit is being extended from five weeks to seven.

Any new parent who wishes to apply can do so via

More details 👇@rodericogorman @welfare_ie

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"I asked you two to babysit, not to go murder someone. The brief was, I believe, quite explicit on the matter."


Starting my vacay with coffee & the much anticipated Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances by Aliette de Bodard. @aliettedb

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Big congrats to @PaveePoint board member @colettemurray14 on this. It's going to be great :)

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FOUND: Peugeot Car Keys - found on Portobello Canal side, near Dublin bikes, see map.
Handing them in to Kevin St Garda Station. Hope they find their owner, total pain sorting that situation. 🤞

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@amorvincitomnia @NjbBari3 @fitterhappierAJ Here is the screenshot

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It's the fourth price increase from Electric Ireland in the last 12 months alone.

In October 2021, electricity rose by 9.3%, and gas by 7%.

In August 2021: electricity rose by 9%, while gas went up by 7.8%.

On top of the hikes this year.

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Electric Ireland already raised their electricity price by 23.4% and gas prices by 24.8% in May of this year.

That means that in the last 3-4 months, Electric Ireland customers have seen electricity prices rise by almost 37%, and gas prices rise by just over 61%.

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