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Confession time: do you, or are tempted to use ableist language?

I don't, but I am so frequently frustrated, because by not being able to use the terms that come to mind. And I still cannot find an alternative.

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also this weekend :)
I'll be speaking at this tomorrow afternoon/evening

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Tickets are going fast for performance by Martin Beanz Warde of his in development work Mon July 18th 8pm @HawksWellSligo. Tickets here. There will also be collection for @northweststop on night.

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The Cistercian numerals are a forgotten number system, developed by the Cistercian monastic order in the early thirteenth century, much more compact than Arabic or Roman numerals: with a single character you could write any integer from 1 to 9999 [more:]

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Honey, the neighbors are using the pool again! 🐻

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@caulmick Mine went down in Belgium because they dropped the vat to 6% & capped the profits of the energy companies. No reason that couldn't be done in Ireland.

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Before they could blame the war in Ukraine the energy companies were still fleecing us.

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INSURANCE Ireland will be subjected to ten years of supervision by European Commission to ensure it complies with commitments it made to resolve an investigation into potential breach of EU law.

Offices were raided as part of investigation in 2017

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All of my books in one handy place!


Finding Home (prequel)
1. Rise of One
2. Fall of Two
3. Ebb of Three
4. Strain of Four
5. Myth of Five (Coming this December!)

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Order from chaos using the power of sound

This is artist Kenichi Kanazawa producing geometric patterns with only sound as a tool

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here is the scene from baymax with the trans man without linking back to a transphobe/giving a transphobe clout

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This has been the toughest thing in my life but, finally, I'm ready to move on and be proud of who I am

Vera 💚

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Personal take: hanging round waiting rooms is a COVID risk. Whilst masks are mandatory, nowhere is wearing them correctly envorced. SO MUCH dick-nosing.

My 4-weekly appointments are half hour each, never time to spare. What's the maximum teleconsult time from yesterday? 20 mins.

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After 18 days of general strike, Indigenous movements in Ecuador forced the government to lower gas prices, limit fossil fuel projects, and protect nature. ¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!

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If your Pride pieces only centre gay men then they’re not Pride pieces. Do better

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Interesting article in which an NHS spokesperson admits to the fact that BMI restrictions on knee surgery have helped reduce waiting times by simply eliminating fat people from the equation.

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Join Dungeon Master @BDaveWalters and players @CriticalBard, @enthusiamy, @GabeJamesGames, @CharleneBayer, @erikaishii, & @sherlock_hulmes TOMORROW - July 1st 2pm PDT for the epic Level 20 Adventure for PRIDE Edition!

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