Being very quiet on here, trying to work out how to get around 🤣It's making me hold my head only because l'm not used to this Platform.

I love ,
I hate cruelty and think Hunting Animals should be banned out right.
Intense dislike of Johnson's Tory Party and the Far Right.

I despair at what some people have become. Often found being shouty on 🐦 and waffling about (made up World) but looking elsewhere because of a Car Salesman!

@TheSelectFyrd @ShortbreadFairy

nah, the Bank of the Pinguwalda is a strictly offshore establishment with its own financial ”arrangements” 😀

@ShortbreadFairy @TheSelectFyrd you are most correct, we have nobody by the name of Dom here 🤷‍♀️

@n_ootpinguwalda @TheSelectFyrd people have set up and are lurking in the Wings. The Russian effing Embassy is even waiting to let rip it's bilge. The Guardian is also up and running

@n_ootpinguwalda @ShortbreadFairy
Ah, I see. The shadier side of banking!
i.e. a less reputable institution than @BankofMercia

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